Cheevers Talks Home Infotainment and the Future of Wireless Tech

Arris Team May 15, 2014
Charles Cheevers, CTO, Customer Premises Equipment

Charles Cheevers, CTO, Customer Premises Equipment

This week, thousands headed to San Francisco for the annual Parks Associates Connections Summit. Attendees discussed everything from new business models and industry challenges to technological trends and the latest R&D.

Our very own Charles Cheevers, CTO of CPE at ARRIS, presented on the evolution of device technology and the ever-changing network landscape of home infotainment. Cheevers provided insights  into current home device usage analytics -- as well as emergent trends and technologies that will quickly become the norm among consumers in the next three to five years.

In a recent interview with Parks Associates, Cheevers noted that Wi-Fi™ technology and wireless connectivity throughout the home present the biggest challenge and opportunity for ARRIS. Consumers enjoy the freedom that wireless connectivity brings and expect their devices to utilize the full bandwidth of their in-home Internet...not just a fraction of it. However, now that consumers have access to speeds as fast as 100MBs (and moving to GBs in the future), they will expect their devices to operate using the maximum bandwidth available. Meeting this demand presents a significant challenge for service providers, as well as solution providers like ARRIS; it spans not only good hardware designs but now software solutions to maximize the airtime.

ARRIS is working diligently to overcome the challenges that come with increased home bandwidth and wireless devices, so stay tuned for updates following the Connections Conference.

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