Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed – Week of February 24, 2014

Arris Team February 28, 2014

This week, tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts gathered in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress, hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest and greatest in mobile trends and technology. The Drum provided an overview of major developments at the show, discussing mobile’s potential to become true rich media devices and the potential benefits of including better converged services with devices in our homes from TV advertising to ease of sharing content.

CNBC shared research revealed by Viacom at the show, which found 90 percent of millennials still watch linear television regularly, although 50 percent of the age group still watches TV over the Internet. This trend was further corroborated by information highlighted in Business Insider, noting millennials watch more video content than any previous generation, focusing on smartphones and tablets.

In other news, Re/Code discussed the seismic shift in video consumption, identifying five emerging trends, from advertising solutions to merging distribution channels, that are shaping the media business in the immediate future and beyond.

Further confirming this study and the growing demand for straight out-of-the-box connectivity, Advanced Television shared research from Strategic Analysis, indicating that the global shipment of Wi-Fi enabled consumer electronics grew 19 percent year-over-year -- and predicts that by 2017 more than seven billion devices will be in use globally.

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  1. What we learned from Mobile World Congress 2014 (Feb. 28) By Mark Holden, The Drum: At this year's Mobile World Congress, we saw an unusual number of flagship phone launches, even more wearables, car brands taking major space at a mobile event, the high profile appearance of one the tech giants who usually doesn’t ‘do’ MWC and more chipmakers setting their stall out to become consumer brands.
  2. In a multi-screen home, TV remains king (Feb. 26) By Kiran Moodley, CNBC: While the rise of smartphones and tablets is changing the way people are watching television, the strength of the traditional TV set in the living room remains resilient even among the "millennial" generation, the CEO of Viacom's international branch has told CNBC.
  3. INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials Watch Way More Video Than Anyone Else (Feb. 25) By Staff, Business Insider: Millennials watch more video content than any previous generation. They love movies, TV shows, and short-form video. And while this sounds like great news for advertisers, the trouble is, millennials aren't watching video content on their living room TVs anymore.
  4. Expect a Seismic Shift in Video Consumption (Feb. 26) By Mitch Barns, Re/Code: Based on 70 years of watching what consumers experience, and how they buy, how they act and what they do based on their consumption of content, we see a seismic shift coming in the next five years.
  5. Wi-Fi embedded in 57% of all CE devices (Feb. 27) By Staff, Advanced Television: Over 4 billion Wi-Fi enabled consumer electronics devices are now in use across the world resulting in an average of 7 Wi-Fi devices for every Wi-Fi household. By 2017 over 7 billion devices will be in use globally.
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