Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed - Week of January 6, 2014

Arris Team January 10, 2014

This week, thousands traveled to Las Vegas for CES, where industry leaders demoed and unveiled the latest trends and technology.

The future of television was prominent at CES 2014. CNN shared updates on emerging technology such as Ultra HD and 4K televisions, as well as the newest form factors in television sets. USA Today also featured the new trends, highlighting both Ultra HD and curved television sets.

Additionally, The Seattle Times featured 4K TV, which it believes is the next product ready to break through and enter more households in 2014. Similarly, according to Variety, the Consumer Electronics Association believes Ultra HD televisions could become a new sales driver in the industry.

Also at CES, Irdeto presented research revealing that 65% of consumers still prefer to watch their favorite content live whether it is on their television or streaming on a mobile device, as shared by IP&TV News.

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  1. TV trends at CES: 4K, curves and smart TVs (Jan. 8) By Heather Kelly, CNN: Grasping for flashy features, companies tried for three years to sell 3D as the "next big thing," but consumers didn't bite. This year they've switched tactics and are trying to revitalize sales with a list of new features meant to inspire consumers to upgrade their old dusty TVs.
  2. Five trends from CES 2014 (Jan. 9) By Brett Molina, USA Today: The massive International CES show hosts the cutting edge in technology, giving consumers a glimpse of our digital futures. Here's a look at the five trends to watch in consumer technology from CES 2014.
  3. CES 2014: Breakout year for 4K TV (Jan. 6) By Brier Dudley, The Seattle Times: But the product that appears most ready to break through and enter the most homes over the next year is the “ultra-high-definition” TV, which provides roughly four times higher resolution than the plain old “high definition” TV sets people have been buying over the past decade.
  4. Electronics Biz Ready for ‘Next Phase of Innovation’ (Jan. 6) By Marc Graser, Variety: Just about everywhere in the world the consumer electronics industry is, underwhelming expectations await. The Consumer Electronics Assn. painted a bleak future during a press event in Las Vegas on Sunday, just hours before the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off here.
  5. CES 2014: “53% of Americans believe mobile devices will replace TV sets by 2022″ (Irdeto) (Jan. 8) By Thomas Campbell, IP&TV News: New research from Irdeto that explores consumer television and video viewing preferences revealed that 53% of consumers believe that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will replace television sets in the next eight years as the most common way to consume entertainment.
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