Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed - Week of March 3, 2014

Arris Team March 7, 2014

This week, The Motley Fool highlighted ARRIS, noting that our company is poised to dominate the IPTV revolution, as the industry shifts to cloud- and Internet-delivered TV.

Additionally, headlines continued to highlight the evolving nature of consumers’ consumption and interaction with content. According to Nielsen data shared by MediaDailyNews, traditional TV consumption rose in the fourth quarter of 2013, while the amount of time spent viewing content on mobile devices also continued to increase. The millennial generation has become a focus of this shift in consumers’ desires, and Advanced Television reported findings that this demographic is not only more likely to use multiple screens while enjoying entertainment, but also expects to choose how, what and when they watch.

In other news, Digital TV Europe continued to cover interest in Ultra HD, revealing 56% of Europeans said they would be likely to buy an Ultra HD television in the next two years. Additionally, TV Technology described the future of 4K content, noting that the wider availability of compatible cameras and software coupled with new delivery technologies is accelerating the pace of 4K content production and that the technology is here to stay.

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  • This Company Will Dominate the IPTV Revolution (Mar. 7) By Adam Levy, The Motley Fool: Earlier this week, Dish Network acquired the rights to stream Disney content over the Internet through a bundled IPTV service. This deal may allow the satellite TV provider to ditch the dish and send video streams over the Internet instead. The next day, Verizon announced it was in talks to bring live TV streaming to mobile devices.



  • Screen Time: TV Time-Shifted Viewing Rises Cross-Platform (Mar. 5) By Wayne Friedman, MediaDailyNews: On a monthly basis, Nielsen Cross-Platform Report for the fourth quarter of 2013 showed that traditional TV viewing was up over 170 minutes/12 seconds versus 168 hours/2 seconds. Live TV was at 155:32, down from 156:24, and time-shifted TV was up at 14:40 versus 12:38.



  • Millennials expect digital media on their own terms (Mar. 6) By Editor, Advanced Television: Verizon Digital Media Services has attempted to answer two key questions by undertaking a two-part research project about the entertainment habits of the millennial generation: What do millennials want when it comes to online viewing, and what should broadcasters know to improve their chances in this market?





  • 4K in the TV Environment: Where It Is Now (Mar. 4) By Ned Soltz, TV Technology: While some broadcasters are looking beyond 4K to 8K acquisition, workflows for 4K content in broadcast environments are already being employed in the United States even as delivery of 4K to the home does not currently exist.


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