What's Next for Multiscreen?

Arris Team February 3, 2014

What happens when you're the industry leader in enabling multiscreen?

At ARRIS, we didn't rest on our laurels. While the industry was busy catching up to our innovation in multiscreen, we took our head start and came up with a number of ways to capitalize on this brilliant new experience.

Specifically, we innovated around four major monetization opportunities for service providers:

  • Merchandising - leveraging consumer data and usage patterns to enhance recommendation engines, creating new revenue opportunities and informing the cross-sale of content, services, and more.
  • Mobilized Intelligence - localized, interactive advertising and programming that responds to environmental changes, feedback, and interest.
  • Targeted and Distributed Advertising - expanding monetization opportunities by enabling focused advertising that goes beyond the regional level to the device itself, creating personalized ad experiences that improve relevance and conversion, on any screen
  •  Companion Advertising - concurrent advertising on second-screen, content, and interface experiences that enable timely product promotion

The result? Several innovative solutions for tapping the multiscreen experience:


Our Merchandiser content marketing platform has taken personalization and merchandising to the next level…

Already, ARRIS Merchandiser customer, Bouygues Telecom has leveraged the platform to secure 2 million fixed IPTV subscribers in under 3 years and to grow out its video on demand service by over 50%.

Merchandiser enables multiscreen marketing across the entire catalog of content--from video to music, games, and apps. It allows service providers to enhance the navigation experience with personalized bundle marketing that encourages impulse purchases and cross sales with targeted offers, pricing and discounts.

This level of personalization is more important than ever, as emerging TV experiences like "dual-viewing"--highlighted by David Mercer of Strategy Analytics in this Videonet webcast reveal more opportunities for timely and relevant content display.

We recently announced that Merchandiser is now fully integrated with industry-leading content recommendation engines, including ThinkAnalytics and Digitalsmiths.

This all means that ARRIS is giving service providers a one-stop shop for enhancing, personalizing, and monetizing their new multiscreen experiences.

Second-Screen Solutions

ARRIS SyncOffers and SyncAds provides perfectly-timed merchandising targeted advertising on second-screen devices, using analytics to make sure that offers are relevant and personalized.

Cross-Platform Ad Insertion

Our Ad Insertion solution enables seamless, geo-targeted, screen-specific, and personalized advertising that connects marketers to viewers on any device.

It includes our Media Services Platform (MSP), which has been selected by Canadian telecom, MTS, for localized ad delivery.

ARRIS is making 2014 the year of monetizing multiscreen. Click here to learn more.

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