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John Chamberlain 2017 160x160 John Chamberlain October 22, 2015

PowerShift-compressedCommScope just announced a new power solution for wireless cell sites called PowerShift. This solution is specially designed for modern cell site architectures, where remote radio units (RRUs) sit at the top of cell towers. PowerShift ensures that the most efficient electric current is supplied to the RRUs. It accomplishes this using technology that CommScope developed with the power supply experts at GE.

One of the more unique advantages of PowerShift relates to how it can extend the uptime of RF battery back-up systems. When a cell site switches to battery back-up power, there is a steep downward curve over time for the voltage level that the battery provides. Towards the end of that curve, the output voltage level starts to fall beneath a threshold on which RRUs can run. At that point, the RRUs shut down and the cell site is no longer operable.

But PowerShift can push out how quickly a cell site gets to that point by being able to automatically deliver the necessary voltage to the RRUs. This feature overcomes the voltage drop threshold, enabling longer uptime until the battery is completely drained. We estimate that PowerShift can lengthen RF battery uptime by up to 35 percent. That extra time is very important for keeping a cell site up while emergency maintenance is completed.

Of course, extending the battery uptime is just one of PowerShift’s many benefits. It helps reduce capital expenditures by extending the usability of the smaller diameter power cables on-site. Operators can avoid ripping-and-replacing power cables with higher gauge ones to power higher wattage RRUs. PowerShift also helps decrease operating expenditures with lower overall power consumption, more efficient inventorying, standardized installation and lower shipping costs.

Check out this new infographicPower on the Tower – With a Boost from the Bottom” for a nice summary (see below).

Any questions about PowerShift? Leave me a comment, and I’ll reply.PowerShift-infographic

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John Chamberlain 2017 160x160

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