ARRIS @ the 2015 CableLabs Summer Conference

Arris Team August 3, 2015

Yesterday, we kicked off the annual CableLabs Summer Conference in Keystone, Colorado. The event brings industry leaders together to explore the future cable technology.

In that vein, ARRIS fellows Tom Cloonan and Ayham Al-Banna will hold a groundbreaking demonstration of “Extended Spectrum DOCSIS”—an innovative display of how adjustments to the frequency of downstream signals can to extend the capability of current HFC networks to deliver speeds in the 50+ Gbps range. The system proposes the use of a much wider spectrum for DOCSIS 3.1 systems while also using lower order modulations (and lower signal-to-noise ratios), netting a huge gain in bitrate capacity with the same power budget.

Tom and Ayham propose that broadening the spectrum for DOCSIS and introducing a new network architecture can extend the lifespan of today’s cable networks well into the next decade or two.  The implications for cable providers can distribute the capital cost of FTTH deployments over a more gradual schedule.

Be sure to attend Tom and Ayham’s presentation during the Innovation Showcase on Monday morning August 3rd in Shavano Peak & Red Cloud Peak, and swing by our table during Demo Floor hours both Monday and Tuesday.  We hope to see you there!

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