Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of September 28, 2015

Arris Team October 2, 2015

This week, CED Magazine reported that ARRIS will demo its new network-based power management concept at the upcoming SCTE Expo. Based on ARRIS’s E6000™ CER platform, this proof of concept already achieves up to three-quarters of the SCTE Energy 2020 goal, providing the industry with a foundation for reaching a 20 percent reduction in energy use by the year 2020.

In other industry news, Variety reported the launch of Tribeca Shortlist, a new SVoD service promising hand-picked titles from around the world recommended by actors and directors, as well as industry insiders and influencers.

According to Broadband News, a new report from Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home UX group found that consumers are watching more television and videos than ever before. This trend is attributed to connected media devices providing the convenience of on-demand content.

Media Life Magazine reported on a new study from Evercore, showing that a majority of Millennials do not plan to cut the cord in favor of online streaming and are not averse to paying for entertainment.

Finally, Rapid TV News reported that comScore identified a new demographic known as ‘super viewers,’ characterized as highly engaged multi-platform consumers who crave specific content. This trend is mostly seen across cable networks that create lifestyle or interest-based content around specific categories like cooking, finance, news and sports.

1. ARRIS To Debut New Network-Based Power Management Concept At SCTE (September 29, 2015) By Andrew Winistorfer, CED Magazine: With devices like cable boxes costing as much as $8 a month on customers’ power bills, finding ways to reduce energy costs is tantamount to companies’ future plans. As part of SCTE’s Energy 2020 plan, ARRIS might have a solution: its new proof of concept debuting at SCTE.

2. Tribeca, Lionsgate Launch ‘Shortlist’ Movie SVOD Service with a Human Touch (October 1, 2015) By Todd Spangler, Variety: Streaming service to include 150 curated titles monthly, with lists from guest actors and filmmakers.

3. Connected media devices change viewing behaviour (September 25, 2015) Broadband TV News: Are consumers willing to be locked into one connected media device ecosystem?

4. Fact: Millennials are not big cord-cutters (September 28, 2015) By Toni Fitzgerald, Media Life Magazine: We tend to think of all Millennials as cord-cutting new technology junkies who have little use for traditional media. But it turns out that’s not quite true.

5. Online video boom heralds rise of the 'super viewer' (September 30, 2015) Rapid TV News: A comScore research note has identified the emergence of a new type of consumer of video driven by binge-watching and time-shifted viewing.


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