Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed - Week of June 1, 2015

Arris Team June 5, 2015

This week, The San Diego Union-Tribune re-counted the 1990 proposal by ARRIS Group Inc. (under a previous entity called General Instrument Corporation) to the Federal Communications Commission 25 years ago, proposing a pure digital standard for television, leading to the creation HDTV.

Additionally, CTimes reported on a Smart TV manufacturer and ARRIS’s demonstration of 4K HDTV in-home delivery over powerline, the first to contain a chip that enables a “smart home entertainment center” through “plug and play” technology.

On Monday, Light Reading published consumer poll results displaying a 58 percent user desire for a higher gigabit capacity, a view that opposes beliefs held by industry experts stating 100 Mbit/s per home as the standard for running applications and online services.

Furthermore, Variety announced the launch of Showtime’s OTT streaming service to consumers with broadband, allowing those without a traditional cable package to access content and enabling Showtime to reach a new segment of consumers.

Finally, CNET discussed some realities around owning a 4K TV and how upscaling/upconverting can add to the perceived detail of an image, but there are still some challenges when it comes to sourcing UHD content.

Check back next week for the latest industry news.

  1. San Diego firm played pivotal role in digital TV (June 3, 2015) By Mike Freeman, The San Diego Union-Tribune: Team from General Instrument -- now ARRIS - marks 25th anniversary of digital TV proposal.
  2. HomeGrid Forum Shows Off 4K HDTV In-home Delivery  (June 3, 2015) C-Times: A host of HomeGrid Forum members are lined up at Computex 2015 to show the pace of development and deployment the technology is now enjoying.
  3. They Want Their Gigabit Now (June 1, 2015) Alan Breznick, LightReading: Despite industry doubts about what broadband users will actually do with 1-Gig service once they have it, there is clearly a strong and growing clamor for the service by consumers.
  4. CBS Sets July Launch, $11 Monthly Fee For Showtime OTT Service (June 3, 2015) By Cynthia Littleton, Variety: CBS Corp. has made it official, announcing the launch of its broadband-only Showtime service in early July with Apple as its first partner.
  5. Can 4K TVs make ‘regular’ HD content look better? (June 2, 2015) By Geoffrey Morrison, CNET: If you listen to the marketing from TV manufacturers, it seems TVs with 4K resolution will deliver a massive boost in picture quality.
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