Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed - Week of June 8, 2015

Arris Team June 12, 2015

Last Friday, Fortune listed ARRIS as one of the “hottest companies of the 2015 Fortune 500” having experienced the most growth over the past year and rising further up on list than most others companies.

On Wednesday, Multichannel News reported that ARRIS dominated first quarter market share by securing 51 percent of revenue due to the early availability of the E6000™ CER.

Furthermore, TechCrunch discussed TiVo’s efforts to cater to cord cutters, enabling users to view both live TV and DVR recordings over the Internet mimicking principles of modern streaming services.

Additionally, Variety reported on efforts made by Time Warner’s Turner and Comcast that provide users all available programming through a VOD platform, allowing individuals to not only enjoy current programs but also to discover new content using the service.

Finally, Mashable reported on the University of Washington’s efforts to establish a mainstream wireless charging system through Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for current impractical wireless charging systems.

Check back next week for the latest industry news.

  1. Hottest companies on the Fortune 500 (June 5, 2015) By Daniel Roberts, Fortune: It’s good to be on the Fortune 500, great to be a repeat performer, but even better to have made a big leap since last year. These 15 companies have risen more spots in the last year than any of the rest.
  2. Cable Access Equipment Shipments Rise, But Revenues Slide (June 10, 2015) By Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News: The first quarter represented a mixed bag for cable broadband access network equipment suppliers as DOCSIS channel shipments climbed but overall revenues in the category dipped due to aggressive pricing and a surge in software licenses, according to a new report from IHS that tracks shipments of cable modem termination system (CMTS), converged cable access platform (CCAP) and edge QAM products.
  3. TiVo Now Lets Subscribers Stream Recordings and Live TV Via The Web (June 9, 2015) By Sarah Perez, TechCrunch: DVR maker TiVo announced today a new product called TiVo Online that will allow its subscribers to stream both their DVR recordings as well as live TV over the web.
  4. Tuner, Comcast Move to Capture Binge-Watching Crowd (June 8, 2015) By Brian Steinberg, Variety: Time Warner’s Turner and Comcast are working quickly to rewrite the rules currently established in the nascent realm of VOD.
  5. Wireless charging over Wi-Fi could be on the horizon (June 9, 2015) By Chris Perkins, Mashable: Say goodbye to cables? Researchers at the University of Washington just successfully tested Wi-Fi charging.
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