Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed - Week of May 18, 2015

Arris Team May 22, 2015

This week, CED reported on our announcement that as of year’s end, we will no longer be using the Motorola brand at our retail products.

At this week’s Video Leadership Forum in Dublin, Rapid TV captured an early glimpse at a new beta-version platform that will enable a new level of targeted advertising and content recommendations for users.

IP&TV News reported on Digital TV Research’s report highlighting global digital TV penetration will reach 97.6% of television households by end-2020. The report also noted Asia Pacific will drive the global digital TV growth by 180%.

In other industry news, TechCrunch disclosed findings from a recent Juniper Research report on Over-The-Top streaming video services. According to the report, the amount of people using streaming video services is on the rise, and there will be about 333.2 million global subscriptions by 2019.

Finally, InformationWeek reported the IDC’s prediction that the market for the Internet of Things will increase 19 percent in 2015.

Check back next week for the latest industry news.

  1. RIP “Motorola” (May 21, 2015) By Brian Santo, CED: ARRIS said it will cease using the Motorola name for its retail products at the end of this year…ARRIS has an obligation to build its own brand, and is doing a fine job of it.
  2. ARRIS Data-Based Platform to Enable Targeted Ads, Better Recommendation (May 21, 2015) By Juan Fernandez Gonzalez, Rapid TV: Unveiled during ARRIS' Video Leadership Forum (VLF) held in Dublin this week, the platform aims to use the power of data to create a new video experience. According to Andy Aftelak, VP of advanced research at ARRIS, the company intends to use data as one of the ways of creating new value around content.
  3. Asia Pacific Drives 180% Global Digital TV Growth (May 20, 2015) By Thomas Campbell, IP&TV News: Based on forecasts from 138 countries, the number of digital TV homes will increase by more than 1 billion between 2010 and 2020 to 1.65 billion – or up by 180%, according to a new report from Digital TV Research.
  4. Over-The-Top Streaming Video Services To Surge To 330 Million+ Subscribers By 2019 (May 18, 2015) By Sarah Perez, TechCrunch: Consumer adoption of streaming video services is surging, according to a new report by Juniper Research out this morning, which finds that subscriber numbers for services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video will grow from 92.1 million in 2014 to 333.2 million global subscriptions by 2019.
  5. IoT Market Will Grow 19 Percent in 2015, IDC Predicts (May 20, 2015) By Nathan Eddy, InformationWeek: The market for the Internet of Things, which refers to the network of Web-connected physical objects -- this includes everything from Nest thermostats, to dishwashers, to heart monitors -- is expected to grow 19% in 2015, according to IT research firm IDC's second annual IoT forecast.

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