A Look Back at 2016: Do You Want To Speed Up Fiber Installations At The Premises?

As we say good-bye to 2016, we look back at some of our most shared blogs of the year. Operators are looking for new ways to speed up fiber deployments at multi-dwelling units, as well as single-family units. The question they ask is how to bring fiber deeper into the home or business without exceeding budgets or having to sacrifice anything in network performance and reliability. Kathy Terryll explains in an interview with Joe Depa how our new FTTx offerings provide operators with solutions that not only speed up fiber installs, but help increase property values.

Editor’s Note: As we say good-bye to 2016, we look back at some of our most shared blogs of the year. We covered a wide range of network infrastructure topics, and we hope you enjoy revisiting some of these popular posts. This blog first appeared on March 14, 2016.

Trends in fiber optic deployments are moving toward a network architecture that drives fiber deeper to various stages of the FTTx network, and ultimately into individual homes. Equipment providers need to offer solutions that address the larger challenges of meeting targeted budgets while still addressing shorter timelines for fiber deployments. Customers also want complete product offerings streamlined to meet their full end-to-end architecture needs.

Optical fiber continues to gain popularity as one of the best broadband mediums for future-proofing against higher and faster capacity requirements by end users. While some have concluded the existence of optical connectivity in multi-dwelling units (MDUs), office buildings and even single-family units (SFU) may increase property values fiber connectivity as part of the building structure has become an expected service for users.

The acquisition of the BNS business from TE Connectivity significantly expanded CommScope’s fiber portfolio to deliver more innovative solutions. We now solve more of our customers’ challenges, and serve more customers around the globe with new FTTx solutions.

Our mini Rapid Fiber distribution terminal (RDT), available in both indoor and outdoor MDU applications gives service providers a plug-and-play box to get fiber to users faster. Using our RapidReel cable spool, the mini RDT can deploy several hundred feet of fiber cable quickly, which can lower installation costs. Both the indoor/outdoor cable and plenum cable models are available. The RapidReel cable spool and multi-fiber cable with connectors help reduce site survey inspections, and the reel spool offers a clean, neat way to quickly store any excess cable. The mini RDT minimizes product variations in inventory and provides “on-the-fly” cable length adjustments to speed up overall MDU installations.

The new optical wall box (OWB-S) is a small outdoor fiber termination solution for connecting fiber-to-the-home devices, used in outdoor above-ground applications. The OWB can be easily attached to the SFU or small MDU building. As a premise connection box, it offers multiple cable access points to transition from outdoor to indoor fiber deployment applications.

In this video, Kathy Terryll, product manager, provides the service provider a glimpse into how to speed up fiber installations on the premises with our new fiber solutions.

Faster Fiber Installations for the MDU

How can these FTTx solutions solve your needs fiber deployment needs?