An Analytics Approach to Making Video Bandwidth and Quality of Experience Decisions

Arris Team May 14, 2016

Sean McCarthy, Ph.D.
Fellow at ARRIS

Managing video quality and bandwidth efficiency has always been critical in our industry. Operators are constantly striving to deliver top-notch viewing experiences to subscribers with optimal use of bandwidth. With television becoming more complex and the number of formats, displays, distribution protocols, and access technologies proliferating, operators are increasingly finding it difficult to measure their video-quality performance targets accurately using traditional methods.

At this year’s INTX, I will propose an analytics approach to help operators make bandwidth and quality of experience (QoE) decisions to meet their targets. I will be presenting a new way of describing video-quality and bandwidth efficiency in terms of statistical probabilities that can be applied to any video distribution method, including ABR, CBR, and statmux for any format. This new approach can help operators address some key performance questions, such as: What is the probability that video quality drops below any given level? Which operational parameters could be changed to improve overall video quality and efficiency? How would introduction of a new service impact existing services?

To learn more, join my session: “The End of Guesswork: Big Data Analytics and Implications for Content Delivery” at INTX, on Wednesday, May 18 at 8:00 a.m. ET.

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