Cable-Tec Expo – ARRIS & SCTE Introduce ARRIS Cable Technician Pocket Guide

Arris Team September 27, 2016

171c4e4b574ab2c8a271b27f3d89876cFor busy cable technicians, it can be difficult to stay apprised of the latest information and engineering equations. After all, every day they make countless stops at homes and businesses to address a wide variety of customer needs, from problems connecting to the server and IP address issues, to slow application performance and poor cable connectivity.

To help field and cable technicians overcome this challenge, ARRIS, in partnership with the SCTE, recently launched the ARRIS Cable Technician Pocket Guide. The app converts the pre-existing ARRIS Cable Technician Pocket Guide, which includes a wealth of useful charts, graphs, tables, and industry-specific mathematical formulas, to an easily downloadable mobile application for iOS and Android mobile devices. The app is available in both free and premium tiers.

Technicians can easily reference valuable material in the app, including: a customizable dashboard, quick search feature, calculators, formulas and a tables toolbox.

Now available in a digital format, the app will be continually updated throughout the year as information becomes available, ensuring technicians stay up-to-date on the latest intelligence and guidelines.

During Cable-Tec Expo, ARRIS will offer the premium app – which includes the ability to compute engineering functions and equations using the calculator tool – free to all users to download* for a limited time.

For more information about the ARRIS Cable Technician Pocket Guide please visit here.

 * US stores only.

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