Happy 1st Birthday Unleashed!!

6a00d8341ea9ee53ef01b8d235a46e970c Nat Chidambaram November 7, 2016
November is finally here and the disappointment shown by well, everyone, in the lack of red cups at Starbucks is just another reminder that it’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again. Along the same lines, I can’t believe it is already one year since we launched Unleashed, a controller-less solution. At the time of launch,only two 11ac APs (R500 and R600) were supported as part of Unleashed. In just one short year, the Unleashed portfolio has expanded to support 10 different models of 11ac APs including our WAVE-2 high end R710 (indoor) and T710 (outdoor). In summary, Unleashed portfolio now supports R310, R500, R600, R710, T300, T300e, T301n, T301s, T710, and T710s. Thanks to two features-rich releases we have delivered since the launch. Nearly 5000 customers have successfully deployed Unleashed worldwide, in the last 12 months alone. You won’t hear from any disappointed customers or partners here, but you will hear about how easy it is to deploy and manage the Unleashed network while not having to compromise on the features. It is widely known to the world about our RF leadership in Wi-Fi industry. A powerful combination of superior RF performance, incredible ease of deployment, along with customer-required rich features is just a clear winning combination. Stay tuned to hear more from us on Unleashed! In the meantime, you can check our Unleashed website https://www.ruckuswireless.com/products/system-management-control/unleashed to get more details.  

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