How to Address OBI for Successful RFoG Deployments

Arris Team June 3, 2016


Michael McWilliams, Product Manager, Optical Node Platforms

Cable operators who have begun deploying RF over Glass (RFoG) networks have realized quickly that Optical Beat Interference (OBI) is a real and expensive issue.

OBI is an optical phenomenon inherent to RFoG fibre-to-the-home access networks. When it occurs, it causes severe performance degradation in the upstream optical transmission path. The occurrence of OBI is a statistical probability and a fundamental issue with the architecture. Understanding its underlying causes and effects will provide operators with options to minimize its impact on future services, limiting disruption to subscribers so that operators can maximize the potential of advanced fibre networks.

During the presentation, I will address:

  •  What OBI is and what causes it
  • The impact of OBI on services
  • How to recognize if OBI is an issue in an RFoG network
  • Steps that can be taken to mitigate impact of OBI
  • How to eliminate it
  • Join me on Thursday, 9th June @ 11.30am in Room B for the session: FTTX – Stepping into the Gigabit Society

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