Why G.hn Technology Benefits Every Home

Arris Team May 9, 2016

Improving home networking has been a major focus in the industry. We believe that next-generation Gigabit Home Networking (G.hn) Power Line Communications technology has the potential to dramatically transform consumer experience in the home, as it can deliver services anywhere there is a wire power outlet in the home to expand the network.

With G.hn technology hitting the market, there have been some questions about its performance and robustness when dealing with noise caused by home appliances that are connected to these powerlines. Some earlier iterations of G.hn weren’t able to properly address this issue, impacting performance. But today, this has changed.

SmallNetBuilder shows the newest generation of G.hn powerline technology works across multiple phases and circuits in any home – both old and new. While older powerline technologies only used a single radio across phase and neutral to transmit, G.hn uses two radios to transmit MIMO across both phase/neutral and ground/neutral. This mitigates the old phase problem, while ensuring much stronger stability and robust data transmission, even in the presence of noise. It is important to note that consumers living in a home with using two prong outlets (non-grounded) will not see this advantage. But they can still take advantage of several of the other G.hn benefits as compared to any other powerline solution.

In addition, older power line technologies did not understand noise in the way current G.hn technology can understand and mitigate it. Since G.hn technology uses a time domain modulation schema, it can simply turn off transmission during the noise pulses of motors. This can be applied to most appliances used in the home since their motors have a consistent load, thus their noise can be readily avoided. The only exception to this is treadmills, since their noise moves greatly with the pace of the person using it (i.e., landing of feet).

Today, there have been many advances in G.hn technology. It’s designed from the ground up to use modern techniques to enhance security, mitigate interference and rebuild fractured data in ways never considered before. The technology also enables future enhancements without being affected by legacy G.hn (or other technology) devices. So, whether you live in a home with older wiring or a home with new electrical powerlines, G.hn technology can help you build a robust network that will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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