Wifirst: Knocking Down Wi-Fi Barriers Wherever You Are

Wendy Wendy Stanton December 12, 2016
As I’ve been traveling around the globe, I’ve found that there’s nothing more frustrating than being out and about and not being able to connect to Wi-Fi. Whether I’m sitting at an airport bored with the desire to view social media sites, in a rent a car using Waze to find my way around, or in my hotel room wanting to watch Netflix, I have the need/want to be connected. It’s amazing to think that I ever survived without a mobile device. When I can’t connect, I find myself calling my service provider—well let’s be real—I call my husband to complain and make him call since I’m traveling—to acquire more data so that my phone will work wherever I am. Other times, I jot down which hotel I don’t want to stay at again because of lousy Wi-Fi.  My guess is that most of the world is right there with me in this type of dilemma. There is a widespread expectation among consumers that they should be able to access Wi-Fi for free wherever they are – from hotels and retail stores to camp sites, military barracks, sports venues and public transportation. But there are often barriers to getting great coverage, and great coverage starts with having the right service provider. With consumers having the choice to go with any provider they chose, service providers need to provide their customers with high performing reliable Wi-Fi. That’s exactly what Wifirst is all about. Wifirst is an international Internet service provider, headquartered in Paris, France, that specializes in the deployment and operation of high density managed Wi-Fi networks. Wifirst is one of the only Wi-Fi operators with dedicated solutions for student housing, hotels, military bases and camp grounds with its own core network. Naturally Wifirst picked Ruckus Wireless as its supplier due to the superior products and the aligned vision in offering a high quality of service. This partnership has been amazing and customers are thrilled with the reliable coverage. Read the case study and watch the video on how Ruckus Wireless has enabled Wifirst to deliver first class customer service. I–for one—give a big round of applause, as I’m the customer who walks away if not given the ultimate best in customer service. If everyone provided this kind of service, my husband could continue his yard work without being interrupted in gathering more data for my travels. https://youtu.be/yF1uskMb0ms  

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