Will That Wall Secure Your Network Like Cloudpath?

abhi Abhi Maras October 26, 2016
We’re finally in the home stretch of the 2016 Presidential Election here in the U.S. While it has been the most interesting election season for better or worse, one candidate’s view of a specific problem and a simplified solution to build a wall has done nothing but arouse attention. It all goes back to how we as humans have viewed security when it comes to protecting things near and dear to us. To protect our homes we use fences, to protect monuments there are barriers, and to protect countries, well there could be a wall. The same thought has been applied to our networks; fortunately, Cloudpath is delivering a truly simplified approach to secure networks. In the past, networks have been built on top of existing platforms over the years. As the security risks went up, there was a new security perimeter added to the network in order to secure the data and the devices within.History-china-great_wall_of_china-wall-invasion-invades-gra050701_low There are couple of problems with this approach:
  • First, the user behavior has changed: gone are the days when users were shackled to an RJ-45 cable. The devices are more mobile than ever and the users are not within these perimeters that supposedly gives them the protection that they need. While network administrators are adding perimeter after perimeter in their networks, users are no longer within those perimeters; they’re staying mobile and connecting from anywhere they can. Security can no longer be restricted within those confines, but rather extended to anywhere the device goes.
  • Second, the problem with this approach is while new perimeters and new solutions are added in the name of security, the complexity and the cost of deploying and managing a secure network is Those who do not have the appetite for it give up and end up with a less than secure of a network, which is quite harmful to them and to their end users.
We at team Cloudpath saw these challenges and took on the sacred mission to secure the network while keeping it less complex and affordable. We also see the value in taking a device-centric approach, i.e.Employee/IT devices, guest devices, BYOD devices or shared/IoT devices. What is Cloudpath and how does it solve this you ask? Cloudpath is a security and policy management platform designed to simplify the deployment of several services that are typically disparate and complex to manage. Cloudpath makes the best security more accessible to lean IT teams. To learn more about how Cloudpath can help your network, please visit here.

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