Broadcast Asia: Getting the Most out of TV with Ultra HD

Arris Team May 15, 2017

Scot Mason, Senior Staff Solutions Architect PhotoUltra-High Definition (UHD) is the evolution of TV, and it represents one of the most important opportunities for service providers: UHD services.

These services are not just a compelling new revenue opportunity; they’re the natural next step for consumers who have made the leap to the latest UHD TVs. But to deliver UHD services cost effectively, service providers need a solution for compressing video that delivers on the selling point of unsurpassed picture quality while conserving precious network bandwidth.

ARRIS’s legacy in industry-leading compression platforms, has led to its specialized portfolio of solutions for UHD service delivery. These solutions take advantage of our work in video quality assessment to ensure that the end product matches the input as closely as possible, while yielding unprecedented savings in bandwidth.

At Broadcast Asia on May 24th 12.00pm (room 308-309), I’ll be presenting a new method for making objective video quality assessments—crucial in delivering UHD content—for the entire content development and delivery chain: from camera to broadcast encoder.

If you’re not at Broadcast Asia, or can’t wait for my presentation, take a look at this paper for more info: SETTING VIDEO QUALITY & PERFORMANCE TARGETS FOR HDR AND WCG VIDEO SERVICES

Scot Mason, Senior Staff Solutions Architect

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