Chuze Fitness Is Pumped About Ruckus Cloud Guest Wi-Fi

Ana-Leung Ana Leung July 31, 2017

Cloud Wi-Fi for Retail

For businesses that serve the public and paying guests, the quality of the Wi-Fi is an important aspect of the overall customer experience. Poor connectivity not only disappoints visitors, it can also negatively affect brand perception. We heard this message loud and clear when we spoke with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi customers who operate retail or retail-like businesses. Recently, we interviewed Kris Peterson, chief information and marketing officer of Chuze Fitness, a fast–growing fitness chain with 21 locations in the Southwest United States. Founded in 2008, Chuze Fitness has established an enviable position in their market by offering outstanding services: clean, fully outfitted facilities, top of the line equipment, and a wide variety of classes and training offerings and even free first-run movies—all at an affordable price. The organization prides itself on its customer-first philosophy and strives to be “the best of the best,” as Kris puts it. Kris has always been aware that access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi is a “must have” service—gym members enjoy streaming music, podcasts, and videos on their devices while they work out. Prior to deploying Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, the only element that was less than first-rate at Chuze Fitness was its W-Fi. The previous Wi-Fi solution was inadequate for the sprawling 20,000- to 40,000-square-foot fitness facilities. Access points from a previous vendor crashed frequently, bandwidth was insufficient, and there were blind spots in most of the gyms. The fact that their Wi-Fi service quality was not up to par with the rest of their services was unacceptable to Kris and motivated him to look for a better solution. He ultimately chose Ruckus based on our reputation for having the best-performing access points (APs) in the industry. Chuze Fitness, with the assistance of their technology services partner TeamLogic IT of San Diego, deployed ZoneFlex™ indoor 802.11ac Wi-Fi APs across all club locations. To efficiently manage the wireless networks at these sites, they turned to Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, which provides complete visibility and control via a “single pane-of-glass” management console. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi service includes analytics, which helps Chuze Fitness understand usage behavior and trends so they can further optimize their network. The Ruckus Wi-Fi network powers both corporate operations and members with fast and reliable service. To make the guest experience even better, Chuze Fitness is working with TeamLogic IT of San Diego to enable social media logins, so members no longer have to use cumbersome passwords. Now, with the new improved Wi-Fi service, Chuze Fitness members and employees alike are happy with their digital experience. And to top it off, Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi has made managing the wireless network at their more than 21 locations easier than ever before. Read the case study here!

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