Get (House) Smart: Ruckus Connects Lennar Homes with Wired and Wireless Networking

Wendy Wendy Stanton June 20, 2017
Smart homes utilize connected technologies to provide conveniences for the modern family. Connected appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio and video systems, security and camera systems communicate with multiple devices and can be controlled from any room in the home, remotely by a mobile device, and Amazon Alexa or from a timer. With Wi-Fi Alliance rolling out its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ home designs last week, the connected home has officially hit the speed ramp and we’ll soon see connected homes going mainstream. Speaking of which, in a recent visit to a Lennar home, I got to experience a smart home in action. Lennar is the nation’s leading home builder known for its “Everything’s Included” offering—meaning what you see is what you get, including fast, reliable Wi-Fi. The part we’re most excited about is that each of these homes is fully equipped with Ruckus Unleashed™ access points (APs) for Wi-Fi and an ICX® Ethernet switch. Using heat maps to individually analyze each home’s floor plan, Lennar strategically places Wi-Fi APs to ensure the best coverage. Unleashed, our affordable wireless LAN solution, is deployed in minutes, making it ideal for a national homebuilder like Lennar. The company builds tens of thousands of homes every year, and Unleashed is available at an affordable price, making it perfect for a large-scale residential installation. The ICX switch’s power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and power-over-Ethernet-plus (PoE+) make powering of these high-capacity APs and other devices along with data connection easy. The ICX switch offers simplified management, a compact size and silent operation, allowing it to easily blend in with the design of the home without disruption. The two products together create the perfect marriage to provide each Lennar home with high-performance—yet flexible and reliable—Smart Wi-Fi technology. During my visit at the connected Lennar home, the IT team demonstrated the system to me and I checked out the Wi-Fi – blazing fast! Lennar homes allow multiple family members to connect to the Wi-Fi without any worry of getting dropped off the network. While the kids are streaming videos or doing homework, parents can be working remotely from home and not have the added stress of unreliable Wi-Fi. The particular house I   visited even had a wireless shower, which allows you to start the shower from any room and adjust the water temperature so that when you’re ready to hop in, it’s already warm. It’s like having your own butler but without the added expense or the haughty attitude. Take a look at the video to learn how Ruckus has partnered with Lennar to create a truly connected, smart home.

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