Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Helps IT “Hit the Air Running”

Ana-Leung Ana Leung August 17, 2017
“Lean” IT is the new normal in businesses everywhere, regardless of size. IT professionals are increasingly expected to do more with less—and do it faster. Managing the company’s wireless LAN is just one of many tasks on the to-do list. The question is, how can IT keep up with the pace of growing Wi-Fi demands, such as provisioning new access points (APs), setting up guest networks and enabling Wi-Fi facilities near and far? Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi helps IT professionals “hit the air running” with their Wi-Fi networks so they get more out of the network while spending less time on burdensome tasks. IT can view, monitor and manage the company’s wireless LANs from anywhere using the Ruckus Cloud web-based user interface or the native mobile app. IT can get an at-a-glance view of their entire Wi-Fi network, as well as detailed information about the individual sites, APs and connected clients. And managing the network doesn’t require advanced WLAN management skills. Common workloads—like creating guest networks—is supported by a step-by-step wizard guided process.   Administrators can just use the default settings or customize network configurations to optimize RF resources. This includes rate limiting at the SSID, AP or client level, setting a maximum number of clients connected to a single AP, and manual channel selection. In addition, cloud software is automatically updated and always kept up to date. This eliminates one of the more time consuming tasks that IT teams face. With Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, most Wi-Fi related requests can be handled more quickly, and often without the need for IT to travel to the site. As a result, IT gets to spend more time on strategic projects that make a bigger difference to the organization. With a well-managed, optimized Wi-Fi network, everyone benefits. Wi-Fi deployments speed up. Issues get resolved more quickly. And IT operational expenses drop. Employees remain productive, customers are happy, and IT is free to do what it does best.

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