Significant Milestone in Our Five-Year SmartZone Journey

YVR-Mugshot2 Yogesh Ranade April 21, 2017
This is the first blog in a series to dive deeply into the features of the SmartZone Operating System. We’re proud and excited to announce that SmartZone 3.5 Operating System (OS) is now available for our customers and partners. This latest release powers the industry’s highest-capacity controller portfolio, including our new SmartZone 300 (SZ300) high-scale control and management appliance. Check out our support site, and download the latest OS enhancements from Ruckus as we continue to innovate and drive the industry’s premier Wi-Fi access points with a state-of-the art controller and management platform. The SmartZone 3.5 release is a significant milestone in our five-year SmartZone journey. Enhancements include an improved user experience and a data-driven architecture framework with software features that enable service providers (SPs), managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprise to effectively launch and comprehensively manage sophisticated Wi-Fi networks. Our mission has always been to deliver in a single unified offering features for SPs, MSPs and enterprise customers. Our approach provides significant benefits to our customers in terms of affordability and deployment flexibility. New SmartZone 3.5 OS feature highlights include:
  • Visual Connection Diagnostics: This real-time visual troubleshooting tool on the user interface (UI) helps an IT user discover and investigate client connectivity issues across the entire network.
  • Improved UI and UX design: We’ve completely revamped the controller UI and user experience design, improving configuration, management and operation of SmartZone-managed Wi-Fi networks.
  • Multi-tier managed services: On SmartZone platforms hosted by MSPs, systems integrators and partners can log in and manage their own networks, secure in the knowledge that their network is completely partitioned from those of other users. They have the flexibility to extend into tiers of their own by defining cascading domains and zones.
  • Data-driven architecture: APs report radio, client and performance data with minimal latency to the SmartZone controller, which then renders the data in responsive widgets to provide a “context-aware” user experience.
  • Open programmable framework: A full suite of representational state transfer (RESTful) JSON application programming interfaces (APIs) for configuration and management enable open networks and the ability for our SP, MSP and enterprise customers to build their own sophisticated Wi-Fi management systems.
  • Streaming APIs: In SmartZone 3.5, we introduce streaming APIs for granular, near real-time statistics. The streaming API leverages MQTT and GPB (Google Protocol Buffers) to push-stream the full array of client, AP, controller and cluster statistics to third-party analytics, business intelligence or visualization tools.
  • Multi-firmware access point (AP) management: SmartZone can accommodate multiple AP models and associated firmware within a single cluster.
  • Virtualized and scalable data plane: The SmartZone portfolio features a scalable virtualized data plane appliance that provides high-performance packet processing and user traffic management.
Please visit our SmartZone product portfolio page and check back for new posts with technical details about the features described and more.

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