CommScope COO Perspective: A year of agility and innovation

A year can seem like a lifetime or it can go by in a flash. To Morgan Kurk, who took over the COO role at CommScope the beginning of this year, 2018 has gone quickly but there’s been great progress in CommScope and the industry. You can hear more from him in this video interview.

Morgan 360x203It’s not easy tracking down the chief operating officer of a company – especially one that is on the go visiting customers, speaking at conferences, meeting with analysts, and managing operations and new solution offerings.

During a recent visit to Texas for the 5G Analyst Forum, I tracked down Morgan Kurk, COO of CommScope. After a few laughs and a tour of the newly renovated offices in Richardson, I met him in the new CommScope Innovation Center to ask a few questions about his first year as COO. He shared with me his thoughts on changes in CommScope to better address customer needs, a view of innovation, some updates with our wireless business this year, and finally, his view on an exciting market- smart cities.

CLICK TO TWEET: CommScope COO waxes poetic on his first year in the role, talking smart cities and customer needs.

Right after this interview, Morgan was off again to another conference. If you want to track him down, he will be speaking at the NMGN Alliance conference in Vancouver on advances in spectrum management.