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Todd_headshot_ektron Todd Metcalf November 27, 2018

2018_CommScope_Graybar_G2Talks_DAS_webinarHow much do you know about a distributed antenna system (DAS)? If you are new to this technology, a DAS is a network of low- and high-powered antennas distributed throughout a building or campus. They are deployed to improve indoor and outdoor cellular network performance.

CLICK TO TWEET: CommScope and Graybar explain DAS basics and how you can prepare your facilities for the arrival of 5G technologies. Read Todd Metcalf's blog.

A DAS helps overcome physical barriers like low E-glass, concrete walls and other barriers that degrade wireless signals and make it hard to get high-quality mobile service indoors. A DAS can also provide the additional network capacity needed to meet growing mobile requirements.

Recently, I participated in Graybar’s webinar series—G2 Talk—to teach attendees about DAS basics and how to prepare their facilities for the arrival of 5G technologies.

The webinar covered:

If you weren’t aware, CommScope’s award-winning Era solution is an all-digital C-RAN architecture that reduces the physical head-end footprint by as much as 90 percent, for major space, power and cost savings. In the webinar, I covered the topic of network convergence and 5G support and explained why a digital platform is going to be necessary to provide the architecture and bandwidth needed to support future technologies.

If you missed the webinar, it is available on demand.

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Todd Metcalf is manager, Business Development, for CommScope's Distributed Capacity & Coverage Solutions. Mr. Metcalf has a unique background of more than 20 years selling technology into the enterprise space. He has been in the commercial wireless market for the last 9 years and has used his understanding of the enterprise customer and their needs to help educate them on carrier DAS solutions.