The Host with the an MTDC

When a sports team has a losing season, it’s likely because of poor planning or execution at the beginning. The same can be said for multi tenant data centers. So how do you plan well when the game is on the line? CommScope’s Dave Tanis has a great resource.

MTDC ebook 360x203Enterprises have been relocating their data centers from their own premises to multi tenant data centers (MTDC) facilities for several years now. The trend is only accelerating as MTDCs add additional services, such as direct fiber links to cloud providers.

With the launch of the CommScope MTDC Alliance program last year, CommScope and its partners are committed to making this transition as easy as possible. As part of this effort, CommScope and Data Centrs Inc are pleased to announce the publication of the new eBook: “Get the Most from Your Host: Best Practices for the Multi Tenant Data Center Migration.”

Why publish an eBook on this topic? Surely for those enterprises that have been building their own data centers, going into hosted space should be infinitely easier. No more concerns over acquiring land, planning and building the structure, investing in costly power and cooling technology and buying hardware that will likely be obsolete by the time the data center is turned up. With budgets significantly reduced, and with the accelerated time-to-market that an MTDC offers, what could possibly go wrong?

The truth is, plenty. One of the things I have witnessed over the years is enterprises that have built their own pristine data centers with adequate space for cable management, all panels and cords meticulously labeled, and generous space allocated for growth or unforeseen events.

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And yet these same enterprises, when building out their cages in a colocation data center, often take a very different approach. They might opt for fiber patching frames crammed with 42U worth of fiber panels without a thought of patch cord management, not bother with labeling, and have no plan as to how to expand.

How is this possible? I assumed it was down to a poor installation. Much like blaming the loss of a baseball game on the unfortunate batter that strikes out to end the game when the real failure was more likely much earlier in the season: poor scouting, bad trades or poor coaching.

The same holds true with migrating into a multi tenant data center. Without solid planning up front and all affected parties involved, the chances of ending up like the cautionary tale described above are much greater.

And hence, the reason for the best practices eBook, with inputs from our other MTDC Alliance partners. The first two chapters are currently available, and subsequent chapters (along with more cautionary tales) will be published throughout the first half of 2018. Please take a read, and let us know what you think.