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Tim Schuett Timothy Schuett October 18, 2019

2018_CommScope_FTTX_RibbonThe phrase, “need for speed,” is often associated with a certain movie. It is also a true statement in the current environment multi-service operators (MSO) are facing in keeping up with their customers’ bandwidth demands. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things and streaming video all contribute to the need for increased speed and bandwidth. All of this is driving new next-generation networks that are changing the landscape of traditional hybrid fiber coax and passive optical networks.

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The common denominator in all commercial access optical deployments such as Metro E, node+0 (fiber deep), Remote PHY, cell tower backhaul and hybrid fiber coax node splits is increased fiber demand. This may be accomplished through installation of additional fiber optic cables or perhaps most importantly, an increased utilization of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology and products. CommScope supports channel lineups as specified by our customers in both Course Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) for inside plant and outside plant applications.

Understanding today’s competitive market, CommScope continues to be a leader in developing and supplying our MSO partners with robust, reliable, cost-effective and innovative solutions allowing our customers to utilize their current fiber infrastructures to the fullest.

CommScope offers customized ordering guides which detail both inside and outside plant products based on our customers’ specific WDM applications. These include Fiber Deep/HFC, Remote PHY and other deployments utilizing CWDM/DWDM products.

Indoor products include:

  • LGX 4RU Back to Back Chassis
    • Chassis holds 14 single width LGX modules per side or 7 dual width LGX modules per side.
    • Maximum density of 28 single width LGX modules or 14 dual width LGX modules.
  • NG4 Universal Chassis with CWDM, BWDM and DWDM Modules
    • Feature staggered adapter ports for easy connector access and identification without pinching or moving adjacent connections.

Outdoor products include:

  • Fully-Integrated FOSC (iFOSC)
    • FOSC A or D trays with filters factory installed in a FOSC for faster installation and customer turn up
    • All fibers routed to splice trays and labeled for easy access and splicing

CommScope continues to be a leader in developing and supplying our MSO partners with new innovative WDM products. With CommScope, you not only get the right WDM solution for any application, it’s customized and guaranteed to meet your project’s individual specs.

About the Author

Tim Schuett

Timothy Schuett

Tim Schuett began his career with the Army’s Information Systems Engineering Command in 1984 working on installation and certification of coaxial based broadband LANS for Army medical hospitals. Later, he supported the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s campus Broadband/Fiber LAN Expansion and Maintenance. In 1993, Tim moved to the commercial sector serving as a senior project manager, major account manager, operations manager and director for a large structured cabling contractor supporting national contracts. With many years of experience designing and installing structured cabling systems, Tim brings a unique and qualified perspective on any discussion regarding the physical layer infrastructure. 

Tim Schuett has been a Field Application Engineer since 2012, currently supporting CommScope’s MSO team with a focus on Fiber Optic cabling and connectivity.