CommScope introduces its latest RDK Video Accelerator

Chris Vidak - Headshot Chris Vidak July 23, 2020

NH_VIP7802_iso1RDK (Reference Design Kit) is an open source software platform for the connected home that standardizes core functions used in broadband, video, and IoT devices. It enables service providers to:

  • Manage their devices
  • Control their business models
  • Customize their apps, user interfaces and data analytics to improve their customers’ experience

RDK-V (Reference Design Kit for video) has become a popular option for service providers developing next generation video applications. The base RDK software provides the core device functionality, but there are other components required to create a complete and service provider branded set-top platform.

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In April 2019 CommScope launched the RDK Video Accelerator (formerly known as the RDK Lab Accelerator) to help app developers and service providers bring new services to the market faster. The latest generation of CommScope’s industry-leading RDK Video Accelerator is a pre-integrated solution comprised of the next generation VIP7802 UHD IP set-top platform, the latest RDK software, and the Metrological app store with more than 300 applications available for the subscribers to download. All this enables RDK-based video services and applications to be launched by the service provider faster and easier than proprietary solutions.

The VIP7802 supports 4K and high dynamic range (HDR) video formats that increase the color, contrast, and overall quality of the entertainment experience, providing the perfect platform for integrating managed and over the top (OTT) video services. Powered by Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, it allows the subscriber to place the television anywhere in the house while ensuring the best bandwidth for demanding video applications.

CommScope continues to be a leader in RDK technology and we remain focused on providing the widest range of hardware and software solutions that meets the needs of our customers and the bandwidth and entertaining demands of their subscribers.

About the Author

Chris Vidak - Headshot

Chris Vidak

Chris Vidak is a Product Management Director at CommScope.  In this role, he is responsible for developing and positioning global video hardware and software platforms, including IP set-tops and Smart Media Devices.