Reach for the cloud this holiday season, get RUCKUS Cloud Technology specialized

If you are an existing RUCKUS Cloud Technology specialized partner or a RUCKUS partner who always wanted to be a Cloud Technology specialized partner, then Mittal Parekh encourages you to familiarize yourself with CommScope’s newly updated training.

iphone-ipad-business-man-working1The all new AI-enabled RUCKUS Cloud recently made its debut. Let me be the first to tell you that RUCKUS Cloud is not just here, it is thriving. We have seen an unprecedented amount of interest and of course, closed deals. Our partners, especially RUCKUS Cloud Technology Specialized partners, are enthusiastically promoting RUCKUS Cloud. In a very short amount of time, they deployed the all new RUCKUS Cloud and are now its biggest champions. They demonstrated how the new RUCKUS Cloud enables “lean” IT organizations to easily provision, manage, optimize, and troubleshoot a high-performance enterprise wired and wireless network via a single web dashboard or native mobile application. With the help of our partners, we are winning.

If you are a RUCKUS partner and still sitting on the sidelines wondering what the new RUCKUS Cloud is all about, we have captured all that goodness in the newly updated RUCKUS Cloud Technology Specialization training modules. The RUCKUS Cloud Technology Specialization training has been completely revamped to equip our partners with the latest information about selling, deploying and marketing RUCKUS Cloud solutions.

CLICK TO TWEET: Attention all RUCKUS partners and those who want to become partners! It’s time to familiarize yourself with the updated RUCKUS Cloud Technology Specialization Training.

RUCKUS Cloud Technology Specialization training 

So, what have we updated?

Here are a few things you can expect from each training category:

Sales focus on product positioning and messaging

  • Improved messaging and positioning, product features and benefits discussion including ICX switch management as well as network analytics and assurance powered by tightly integrated RUCKUS Analytics
  • Competitive intelligence to help you position RUCKUS against the competition, with in-depth objection handling
  • How to effectively demonstrate key features of the new RUCKUS Cloud

In depth technical focus on RUCKUS Cloud features

  • Updated discussions on new RUCKUS Cloud features, including how to demo those features
  • Overview of security and data privacy features of RUCKUS Cloud

Recommended extras

  • Detailed competitive insights on how to win deals
  • All new module on RUCKUS Analytics for network analytics and assurance
  • How the new RUCKUS Cloud MSP licensing module helps generate a new source of recurring revenue while building a robust customer base of your own

If you are an existing RUCKUS Cloud Technology Specialized partner or a RUCKUS partner who always wanted to be a Cloud Technology Specialized partner, I encourage you to take advantage of the holiday downtime to familiarize yourself with our newly updated training and prepare to close more deals in 2021 and onwards. You will be glad you did; I assure you.