Simplifying 5G deployments with cluster connectors

Monica Paolini - Headshot Monica Paolini October 29, 2020

19_cluster_ektronThe following guest blog post has been provided by Monica Paolini, founder and principal of Senza Fili. As with all CommScope-hosted blog posts, any opinions or comments below are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of CommScope.

Cluster connectors were the topic of a recent Senza Fili Sparring Partners with Omar Parimbelli and Marty Zimmermann of CommScope, Sebastien Roy, Radiall, and Earl Lum, EJL Wireless Research. We had two lively sessions with more questions than we could answer from the audience. As well, the MLOC cluster connector made a cameo appearance, with Omar showing live from his Zoom abode how anybody can install it without much experience in the field.

You can view or listen to the recording, so I do not want to spoil it by telling you all about it. However, we covered a lot of ground – why do we care about connectors, how they can make the life of installers and operators easier, how they simplify RAN deployments and how necessary they are to reduce the complexity of 5G deployments. If you are interested in the topic, I recommend that you watch or listen to both, as the questions we got from the audience were varied and our discussion took different turns.

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The polls, however, were the same in the two sessions. Since they are not in the video, you can see them below. 

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Monica Paolini - Headshot

Monica Paolini

Monica Paolini, PhD, is the founder and principal of Senza Fili. She is an expert in wireless technologies and has helped clients worldwide to understand new technologies and customer requirements, create and assess financial models, evaluate business plan opportunities, market their services and products, and estimate the market size and revenue opportunity of new and established wireless technologies. She frequently gives presentations at conferences, and writes reports, blog entries and articles on wireless technologies and services, covering end-to-end mobile networks, the operator, enterprise and IoT markets. She has a PhD in cognitive science from the University of California, San Diego (US), an MBA from the University of Oxford (UK), and a BA/MA in philosophy from the University of Bologna (Italy).