The AgileMax FDH3000: When 1+1=3

Steven Shaeffer August 27, 2020

Cabinet_5As a product manager who is an engineer at heart, I get very excited about new opportunities to create winning solutions for our customers—which is why I couldn't be prouder to work on the new FDH3000 AgileMax® Cabinet.

The solution directly addresses the momentum we’re seeing for RF-over-Glass (RFoG) deployments. RFoG continues to be a compelling architecture in greenfield and MDU applications, and operators can see it as a near-term alternative to a full migration to PON networks. Moreover, global stay-at-home orders have created a significant rise in residential bandwidth use, emphasizing the importance of OBI (Optical Beat Interference) elimination in RFoG networks.

Fiber distribution hub

Our FDH3000 AgileMax Cabinet is a showcase for CommScope’s end-to-end expertise in fiber networking coming together to address eliminate OBI in RFoG deployments by simplifying field installation. Specifically, it combines our breakthrough AgileMax platform, powered by active optical distribution technology, and our FDH 3000 fiber distribution hub. For our customers, it’s a great example of a synergy where 1+1=3.

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Our standalone AgileMax platform replaces the optical splitters commonly found in traditional RFoG architectures. This allows operators to completely OBI from their networks, even in networks with multiple active upstream lasers. This, by itself, is groundbreaking.

And our FDH 3000 cabinet is a proven fiber distribution hub that’s found its way into major fiber deployments all over the world. In fact, it has over 35 granted and filed patents covering innovations like its unique “swing-out frame” design that allows for easy maintenance and rear access to panels and cables.

Ensured reliability in the field

But together, these two CommScope technologies create an incredible, turn-key solution for expanding upstream and downstream capacities and data speeds that installs quickly and easily in an existing FDH location and works great the first time and every time. Because we own all the components in the solution, we’re able to test it end-to-end to ensure its reliability in the field. Our AgileMax FDH3000 is an invaluable tool that delivers proven performance in accelerating the fiber networks of the future.

Partnering with the product engineering teams over the past several months to develop, test, and deliver this solution has been a highlight of my time at CommScope. Now, I'm looking forward to working with our customers to implement this end-to-end solution that promises to increase performance optimization and reduce capital expenditure—all without reliance on third-party vendors. 

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Steven Shaeffer

Steven Shaeffer is a Senior Product Manager at CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. He also held this role as part of the ARRIS Network & Cloud business before CommScope acquired the company in April 2019. With more than 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Steven has been a catalyst for delivering innovative products and solutions that enable cable operators globally to evolve their networks to meet ever-growing subscriber demands.