Designing Efficient Fiber Networks at ISE

Join CommScope’s Craig Culwell at ISE as he presents on various network topologies and technologies, and shows how specific choices impact network design and deployment in certain use cases. Learn more by reading his blog.

Suburban_landscape_ribbon_CMYKEach fiber network is unique. As operators continue to push fiber deeper into their networks and extend new services to more rural branches of customers, efficiency is crucial in the selection and deployment of new network topologies and technologies. At ISE, I will share the methodologies for designing an efficient FTTx network architecture catering to the unique needs of each operator.

The key to designing an efficient FTTx access network is understanding the decision drivers behind each layer and as well as the available topology solutions sets. In my presentation, I’ll be reviewing considerations such as urban vs. rural, PHY layer demands for convergence and advanced services deployment, and new technology solutions, as well as examples from actual deployments to help illustrate these considerations and more.

Please join us the Track 2 presentation on Delivering Network Efficiency in the Access Layer on September 1st from 9:15 – 10:15am at ISE.