Make Every Hotel Guest Experience a Grand Symphony

As the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, the hospitality industry is looking at a brighter future. We’re seeing a modest return of travelers, with 71% occupancy in the top 25 markets—just the third time above 70% mark since the pandemic began. In many parts of the world, people are eager to hit the road and travel once again.

One thing is certain: returning travelers are bringing new expectations. They want smart hotels, sustainable business practices, and a delightful brand experience. At the same time, they expect a safe stay, with clear communications about social distancing and appropriate health and hygiene protocols. Balancing these needs is challenging for hotels, but the ones that can meet or exceed these expectations have a great opportunity to distinguish themselves in the post-pandemic era.

It’s important to remember that the guest experience starts well in advance of the actual stay. For example, let’s consider how a traveler named Melissa plans a family vacation. She starts by checking school and workplace schedules, finalizing dates, exploring possible destinations and booking travel and hotel reservations.

Melissa’s journey begins at the web browser, but her guest experience lasts throughout her family’s stay at the hotel property—and even after her trip, when she posts about her vacation on social media.

Before, during, and after her vacation, Melissa interacts directly and seamlessly with the hotel she has chosen after painstaking research. There’s no need for her to be aware of the complex web of backend ecosystem organizations, such as the hotel management company, hospitality brands and sub-brands, hotel owners, hospitality service providers (HSPs), and networking vendors. But behind the scenes, all of these organizations work together seamlessly to respond to her personal preferences. Like musicians in an orchestra, they all play their part, performing a grand symphony that is the delightful guest experience that Melissa and her family expect.

These organizations often rely on CommScope RUCKUS Networks for their Wi-Fi and wired connectivity needs. Now, with the newly released RUCKUS Analytics Brand 360 platform, all organizations that have a stake in delivering a superior guest experience can instantly access real-time guest experience scores for all travelers worldwide—by property, brands, sub-brands, or HSPs.

The RUCKUS solution also lets properties monitor brand compliance scores and share them with ecosystem partners to help identify issues and make improvements quickly. With custom service level agreements, hotel operators can ensure that networks are available, reliable, and performing at their best, to meet the needs of guests like Melissa and her family. These crucial elements are shared across the complex backend organizations to make sure any hiccup is resolved fast—before it can impact the guest experience.

Learn more about how the RUCKUS Analytics Brand 360 can help you exceed today’s hospitality expectations.