SEEDing a More Sustainable Network

CommScope's super-efficient low-loss technology can help wireless operators boost coverage or reduce energy use as needed.

From their earliest days, mobile networks have been a significant consumer of electrical power. Even before the recent spikes in energy prices and sharpened focus on sustainability, mobile network operators (MNOs) were hungry for opportunities to reduce power use; but now, 30 years later, energy efficiency is more important than ever as MNOs are working hard to reduce their environmental impact.  

CommScope’s Outdoor Wireless Networks (OWN) segment is working just as hard to help them do it. Now our answer to this challenge includes the new SEED™ high-efficiency base station antenna (BSA) technology that enhances performance, bottom-line savings and environmental outcomes.

Network energy efficiency can be characterized by multiple factors, with radio amplifiers and antennas being notable contributors. Therefore, minimizing BSA losses can be a game changer. Our SEED proprietary technology, which stands for sustainable energy-efficient design, delivers higher gain that unlocks a number of benefits, including enhanced customer experience, reduced energy consumption, lower OpEx costs and lower CO2 emissions.


At the core of the SEED solution is an innovative, low-loss distribution feed network and advanced phase-shifter technology to boost the antenna’s radiated power relative to its input power. The result is an increase in the antenna’s radiating efficiency.

Flexibility to succeed

The flexibility provided by increased gain is what makes the SEED solution really special. BSAs enabled with SEED technology can help an operator better balance power consumption (and costs) with network performance. A few examples of how the increased gain can be leveraged:

  • To improve the coverage area and close coverage gaps around the edges of a cell, ultimately improving customer experiences;
  • To potentially reduce the number of sites required to cover a region, which is particularly valuable when designing coverage for new network areas; and/or
  • To save on energy consumption by up to 15%, while keeping coverage and capacity the same but significantly impacting operating costs and CO2

We’re excited to be part of the solution

CommScope is deeply committed to solving mobile network operators’ challenges—and promoting more sustainable networks. The SEED solution is our latest step in the right direction, and one that we expect will be a game changer for mobile networks everywhere.

To learn more, come and see us at MWC2024.


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