CommScope Innovation: Engineering Success

Transforming the wireless industry is dependent on the strength of innovation. At CommScope, we recognize the role of technology in redefining the way that we live; it’s why we’re not afraid to take on new challenges. Our team of engineers, whether software, electrical or mechanical, are committed to showcasing the power of CommScope innovation. So what’s it like to work with us? Find out how you can use your engineering skills to make your mark on the world.

RF Engineer

Helping revolutionize the way we design and use wireless technology are our Radio Frequency Engineers. These electrical engineering experts work specifically with devises that can receive and transmit radio waves. What kind of devices are part of that? Cellular phones, wireless equipment and of course, radios. Our RF Engineers serve a crucial part of the innovative process as they design some of the world’s most advanced antennas.

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Mechanical Engineer

Leadership is vital to the success of CommScope. Our Mechanical Engineers provide technical leadership to create innovative product designs. When it comes to development, this team paves the way for implementing the next generation of wireless technology.

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Software Engineer

Behind the scenes, our team of Software Engineers develops world-class solutions that support the rest of our company. From app development, database architecture, maintenance of our business application solution and source code optimization, this team works in collaboration with others to continue CommScope’s global innovations. Our Engineers, Developers and SAP Programmers, ensure the future success of our internal and external functions – and ultimately the success of our clients.

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Innovate with CommScope

Ready to take on a new challenge? At CommScope, the key to unlocking innovative strength is through our team of experts. Bring your leadership to our company, and we’ll give you the opportunity to grow on a global scale.

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