8-port Planar Array Antenna, 3400–3800 MHz, 90° HPBW, 1x RET

  • Planar array antenna – 4 columns
  • Single internal RET control for all four antenna arrays
  • Designed for beamforming, includes calibration port
  • Optimized for software defined split six sector applications

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band, MHz3400–36003600–3800
Beam Tilt, degrees2–122–12
Beam Tilt Tolerance, degrees±0.5±0.6
Coupling level, Amp, Antenna port to Cal port, dB2626
Coupling level, max Amp Δ, Antenna port to Cal port, dB±2±2
Coupler, max Amp Δ, Antenna port to Cal port, dB0.90.9
Coupler, max Phase Δ, Antenna port to Cal port, degrees77
Isolation, Beam to Beam, dB1919
Isolation, Cross Polarization, port to port, dB2525
VSWR | Return Loss, dB1.5 | 14.01.5 | 14.0
Impedance50 ohm50 ohm

Electrical Specifications, Single Column
Frequency Band, MHz3400–36003600–3800
Gain, dBi14.815.3
Beamwidth, Horizontal, degrees9590
Beamwidth, Horizontal Tolerance, degrees±10.6±9.7
Beamwidth, Vertical, degrees6.05.7
CPR at Sector, dB87
USLS (First Lobe), dB1213
Input Power per Port, maximum, watts100100

Electrical Specifications, Broadcast 65°
Frequency Band, MHz3400–36003600–3800
Gain, dBi16.016.4
Beamwidth, Horizontal, degrees6765
Beamwidth, Horizontal Tolerance, degrees±7.4±5.8
Beamwidth, Vertical, degrees6.05.7
Front-to-Back Total Power at 180° ± 30°, dB2325
USLS (First Lobe), dB1414

Electrical Specifications, Service Beam
Frequency Band, MHz3400–36003600–3800
Steered 0° Gain, dBi20.220.2
Steered 0° Beamwidth, Horizontal, degrees2524
Steered 0° Front-to-Back Total Power at 180° ± 30°, dB3333
Steered 0° Horizontal Sidelobe, dB1010
Steered 30° Gain, dBi19.419.3
Steered 30° Beamwidth, Horizontal, degrees2827

Electrical Specifications, Soft Split
Frequency Band, MHz3400–36003600–3800
Gain, dBi19.719.6
Beamwidth, Horizontal, degrees3130
CPR at Beampeak, dB1513
Front-to-Back Total Power at 180° ± 30°, dB3131
Horizontal Sidelobe, dB1515
Beam Forming Weights  
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General Specifications  
Operating Frequency Band   3400 – 3800 MHz
Antenna Type   Sector
Band   Single band
Performance Note Outdoor usage
Mechanical Specifications  
RF Connector Quantity, total   8
RF Connector Quantity, high band   8
RF Connector Interface   4.3-10 Female
Calibration Connector Interface   N Female
Calibration Connector Quantity   1
Color   Light gray
Grounding Type   RF connector inner conductor and body grounded to reflector and mounting bracket
Radiator Material   Low loss circuit board
Radome Material   Fiberglass, UV resistant
RF Connector Location   Bottom
Wind Loading, frontal   308.0 N @ 150 km/h
69.2 lbf @ 150 km/h
Wind Loading, lateral   83.0 N @ 150 km/h
18.7 lbf @ 150 km/h
Wind Speed, maximum   241 km/h   |   150 mph
Length   1015.0 mm   |   40.0 in
Width   295.0 mm   |   11.6 in
Depth   145.0 mm   |   5.7 in
Net Weight, without mounting kit   14.2 kg   |   31.3 lb
Column Spacing   42.0 mm   |   1.7 in
Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) Information  
Internal RET   High band (1)
Power Consumption, idle state, maximum   1 W
Power Consumption, normal conditions, maximum   8 W
Protocol   3GPP/AISG 2.0 (Single RET)
RET Hardware   CommRET v1
RET Interface   8-pin DIN Female   |   8-pin DIN Male
RET Interface, quantity   1 female   |   1 male
Packed Dimensions  
Length   1230.0 mm   |   48.4 in
Width   400.0 mm   |   15.7 in
Depth   243.0 mm   |   9.6 in
Shipping Weight   20.1 kg   |   44.3 lb
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUCompliant by Exemption
ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system
China RoHS SJ/T 11364-2014Above Maximum Concentration Value (MCV)

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Included Parts

Wide Profile Antenna Downtilt Mounting Kit for 2.4 - 4.5 in (60 - 115 mm) OD round members. Kit contains one scissor top bracket set and one bottom bracket set.
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