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Fiber adapter plate, 1U, unpopulated, for holding up to 4 Quick-Fit modules
Fiber Optic Blanking Plug and Dust Cover, SC duplex
Blanking plug to suit LC duplex or SC simplex cutout
Cable Attachment Kit for fiber optic panel with cable gland
Fiber Optic Modular Panel Cable Attachment Kit
Fiber Optic Splice Holder, elastomeric, tape
Fiber Optic Universal Device Holder for ribbon fiber cables
760026674 | 1000G2-CPB
Cable Protector Kit
760033878 | 600G2-24SC-DPLX-00
600G2 1U Front Faceplate, unpopulated, accepts 12 duplex SC adapters
760039875 | G2-SRF
Small Diameter Cable Entrance Kit
760058677 | RMB-6-1/2
InstaPATCH® Plus Attachment Bracket, Rack Mounted, Six 1/2" fittings
760058685 | RMB-6-3/8
InstaPATCH® Plus Attachment Bracket, Rack Mounted, Six 3/8" fittings
760058693 | BGND-12
Grounding Kit, Shelf Mounted Bracket
760058701 | RMB-5-3/4
InstaPATCH® Plus Attachment Bracket, Rack Mounted, Five 3/4" fittings
760098459 | 360G2-XCPB
SYSTIMAX 360G2 4U Shelf Expanded Cable Protector Kit
760100818 | MP1000-3U
3U InstaPATCH® Panel, accepts twelve 1000-type adapter panels or InstaPATCH® Plus DM2 modules
760101410 | 360G2-4U-FLK
SYSTIMAX 360G2 4U Shelf Flip Label Kit
760105130 | 360G2-ETSI-SPCR
SYSTIMAX 360™ 4U Shelf Mounting Bracket
760105148 | 360-iP-UP-KIT-G2-LC
SYSTIMAX 360™ iPatch® G2-1U-MOD LC 5PK imVision Upgrade Kit
760105676 | 360G2-1U-FLK
SYSTIMAX 360G2 1U Shelf Flip Label Kit
760105684 | 360G2-2U-FLK
SYSTIMAX 360G2 2U Shelf Flip Label Kit
760117564 | 360-UMB
SYSTIMAX 360™ Universal Mounting Bracket
760148536 | 360-SPLICE-24-FUS
SYSTIMAX 360™ Fusion Splice Holder Kit, stackable
760161463 | UHD-CBL-BRKT-3/8-NPT
Ultra High Density Trunk Cable Bracket 3/8 NPT
760161471 | UHD-CBL-BRKT-1/2-NPT
Ultra High Density Trunk Cable Bracket 1/2 NPT
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