SDX1926Q-43   |   E14F05P86

Ultra Compact Quad-pack Diplexer PCS/AWS+WCS+BRS, DC AWS/WCS/BRS, 4.3-10

  • Quad configuration, 4x4 MIMO ready
  • Ideal for small cell applications
  • BTS-to-feeder and feeder-to-antenna application
  • DC/AISG pass on 1695-1780/2110-2700 MHz
  • New 4.3-10 connectors for improved PIM performance and size reduction
  • Industry leading PIM performance
General Specifications  
Modularity   4-Quad
Electrical Specifications
Sub-module1 | 21 | 2
Port DesignationPCSAWS-WCS-BRS
License BandPCS 1900
AWS 1700
WCS 2300
Electrical Specifications, Band Pass
Frequency Range1850-1995 MHz
1695–1780 MHz
2110–2700 MHz
Insertion Loss, typical0.20 dB0.15 dB
Total Group Delay, maximum15 ns15 ns
Return Loss, typical22 dB22 dB
Isolation, typical42 dB42 dB
Input Power, RMS, maximum100 W100 W
Input Power, PEP, maximum1500 W1500 W
3rd Order PIM, minimum-161 dBc-161 dBc
3rd Order PIM Test Method2 x 20 W CW tones
2 x 20 W CW tones
Product Classification  
Product Type   Diplexer
AISG Electrical Specifications  
AISG Carrier   2.176 MHz ± 100 ppm
dc Power/Alarm Electrical Specifications  
Voltage   7–30 Vdc
dc/AISG Pass-through Method   Factory set
dc/AISG Pass-through Path   Branch 2
dc/AISG Pass-through, combiner   Branch 2
dc/AISG Pass-through, demultiplexer   Branch 2
Lightning Surge Current   5 kA
Lightning Surge Current Waveform   8/20 waveform
Electrical Specifications  
Impedance   50 ohm
Block Diagram  
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Mechanical Specifications  
RF Connector Interface   4.3-10 Female
RF Connector Interface Body Style   Long neck
Color   Gray
Wind Loading at Velocity, frontal   26.0 N @ 150 km/h
Wind Loading at Velocity, lateral   8.0 N @ 150 km/h
Height   106.0 mm   |   4.2 in
Width   176.0 mm   |   6.9 in
Depth   74.0 mm   |   2.9 in
Volume   1.4 L
Weight, without mounting hardware   2.8 kg   |   6.2 lb
Mounting Hardware Weight   0.2 kg   |   0.4 lb
Environmental Specifications  
Operating Temperature   -40 °C to +65 °C (-40 °F to +149 °F)
Relative Humidity   Up to 100%
Ingress Protection Test Method   IEC 60529:2001, IP67
Corrosion Test Method   IEC 60068-2-11, 30 days
Outline Drawing  
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