1 1/4 in Double Hanger Kit for HELIAX® FiberFeed® Direct Power tails, 17 mm grommet, angle adapter, triple stack, kit of 10

Product Classification  
Brand   FiberFeed®   |   HELIAX®
Product Type   Hanger kit
Compatible Diameter, maximum   17.000 mm   |   0.669 in
Compatible Diameter, minimum   17.000 mm   |   0.669 in
Height   184.32 mm   |   7.26 in
Length   120.46 mm   |   4.74 in
Width   28.60 mm   |   1.13 in
Environmental Specifications  
Operating Temperature   -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to +185 °F)
General Specifications  
Hanger Type   Composite clamp
Cables per Hanger   6
Color   Black
Material Type   Corrosion proof coated metal   |   Engineered plastic
Maximum Stack Height 3
Package Quantity   10
Mechanical Specifications  
Corrosion Resistance, minimum with no degredation   ≥500 hours in salt spray chamber
Mounting   M8 hardware
UV Resistance, minimum with no degradation   ≥100 hours exposure in accelerated UV life chamber
Vibration Survival   ≥4 hours at resonant frequency
Environmental Strength Capability   Double cable weight
Included Parts

Grommet with 19mm hole for 1-1/4 in SnapStak or polymer block hanger

Double Hanger Kit for 1-1/4 in coaxial cable, triple stack; includes hardware and angle adapter
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