Roof-top Microwave Non-penetrating Ballast Mount - three 4-1/2" OD x 8' Supports w 3.5" OD Strut Support Member

Product Classification  
Product Type   Non-penetrating roof frame
Height   2519.7 mm   |   99.2 in
Length   2.2 m   |   7.3 ft
Width   2209.8 mm   |   87.0 in
Weight   451.8 kg   |   996.0 lb
Environmental Specifications  
Wind Rating For Specifications, please contact steelproducts@commscope.com or call 800-255-1479
General Specifications  
Mounting   Non-penetrating
Material Type   Hot dip galvanized steel
Note   One 8 ft microwave antenna with stiff arm
Package Quantity   1

Product Information

Environment Health and Safety

Assembly Drawing

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