Big innovations and big ideas await at the Virtual EMEA Roadshow!

Here’s what we’ll be discussing in our live and recorded Roadshow sessions on November 25 and 26.

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November 25

10:04 am

IoT and the New Pressures on Enterprise Networks, presented by John Gole

The Internet of Thins (IoT) is no longer a goal—it’s a reality, and it’s generating vast amounts of data that’s starting to pay real organizational dividends. It’s also at the center of wireless networks, including private wireless networks in the enterprise space. The result is that IoT means more network demand that illustrates the need for a digital-native network. We’ll discuss how to build the robust, flexible infrastructure that is ready for today’s IoT realities.


10:36 am

Building IT Resilience and Adapting to the New Normal, a round table featuring CommScope’s Morgan Kurk and Ernie Pickens, moderated by Jocelyn Penque

The global pandemic is changing everything about how we live, work and play. The “new normal” brings an increased reliance on remote connectivity—such as remote learning and remote workplaces—that requires more flexible and reliable network infrastructure to sustain it. CommScope’s panel will share how you can put more reliability and agility into your network’s digital transformation.


11:15 am

IoT-Enabled Spaces and the Evolution of Working, presented by CommScope’s Mark Grodzinsky

IoT-powered smart buildings are efficient, reliable, safe and comfortable—and new, innovative ways of improving enterprise workspaces are emerging all the time. CommScope’s Mark Grodzinsky will explain how expanding IoT capabilities to serviced office and business center can make a great work environment even better.


11:43 pm

Evolving Technologies that Fuel Business Flexibility, presented by Jose Valls, Microsoft CTO Manufacturing

Even the most advanced IT network can only be as solid as its management. As networks become more diversified and complex, management becomes more difficult and performance can suffer. For many, cloud-based management is the solution to conquering this new complexity. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of this solution and help you learn if it’s the best future for your network.

12:06 pm

Winning as a team, leading as a winner, presented by Sean Fitzpatrick, “All Blacks” NEW ZEALAND Rugby Team captain during 1992-1997

International Rugby legend Sean Fitzpatrick draws upon his experiences as a winning team captain to offer his expertise as a leader to businesses and management. With a series of impressive world records under his belt, the most-capped All Black player of all time, Sean translates what he learned on the pitch as an international rugby legend to performance in business which includes:

  • Peak performance
  • Maximising success; Being as successful as you can be
  • Importance of teamwork and leadership
  • Embracing the fear of failure
  • Winning matters
  • Key ingredients to success: Preparation & Sacrifice


November 26

10:25 am

The Cloud Evolution, presented by CommScope’s Phal Nanda and Hasina Dhanji

Cloud management of the IT network solves a lot of common problems administrators experience in their duties. It can automate and simplify scheduled events like updates and patches; it can increase scalability and security; and it can keep operational costs under control. Best of all, it can centralize the analytics IT admins need to keep the network optimized. We’ll discuss how CommScope’s RUCKUS portfolio can unlock cloud management advantages for your network.


10:53 am

Empowering DC Ecosystems, presented by CommScope’s John Schmidt

Data centers must evolve to meet changing demand, whether at the core or at the edge. In this session, we’ll take a look at DC demand growth predictions and see how enterprises are preparing for the coming crunch, in multi-tenant data center and hyperscale cloud environments. Learn how your DC can evolve seamlessly to 40G, 100G, 400G and beyond with smarter, future-ready infrastructure strategies and solutions.


11:40 am

Innovation in the Data Center Environment, presented by CommScope’s Hans Juergen Niethammer and Michael German

Bandwidth demand is exploding, and DC management is under constant pressure to meet that demand—without spending a fortune on a complete DC redesign. This session will help you map out a smarter way forward through CommScope’s High Speed Migration (HSM) platform, which empowers denser fiber networks, streamlined network management and a positive way forward to meet tomorrow’s demand without rip-and-replace disruption. We will also discuss CommScope’s imVision® AIM solution and reveal how better network visibility can drive big cost savings and overall operational efficiencies.


12:05 pm

All Things Wireless Evolution, presented by CommScope’s Mark Davis

Wireless connectivity has become a universal expectation. Those responsible for fulfilling that expectation face a set of considerations that become more complex by the month, as new devices, applications and wireless network standards enter the scene. We’ll examine the most common questions faced by decision-makers as they consider topics such as indoor 5G service, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E and wireless IoT connectivity.


12:27 pm

Network Convergence in Communication, presented by CommScope’s Charlie Morrison Fell and Massimo Mazzeo Ocello

As more network resources move to the edge, it becomes increasingly important to converge multiple networks onto a single IIP/Ethernet infrastructure with the capacity and flexibility to do it all. This session explores how converged infrastructure from CommScope offers a technology- and operator-agnostic solution for all your connectivity needs, including the dizzying new array of IoT applications. See how your network can benefit from simplified infrastructure and the increased ROI it delivers.


13:09 pm

Hard work value. Everything can be trained, presented by Toni Nadal, moderated by Santiago Muñoz, Enterprise Sales Director for Spain & Portugal

This interview session is about the following themes: Effort, high-level competition, pressure management, continuous improvement, leadership, motivation, respect for your opponents, humility, auto-control and knowing how to manage both success and failure with the following conclusion: ‘Everything can be trained’.