CITE 2021

Sacramento, CA
Category: Tradeshow
Region: NAR
November 16 - November 19, 2021
Booth #519

Don't Let Your Campus Become A Roadblock!

The CITE Annual Conference is dedicated to providing high-quality resources, professional learning and a strong support community to their members -- IT professionals working at all levels in California schools.

This primary education event brings IT professionals from across the state to share ideas, grow professionally and discover solutions to today's challenges.
Invest in a wired & wireless network that supports future-ready technologies and delivers proven performance, reliability, and scale for K-12.

Visit Booth 519 to meet our team and discuss how you can make your networks, simpler, smarter and more reliable with:

  • Open IoT Platform & Smart Campus Solutions
  • AI-Enabled Converged Management & Assurance
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi & 5G Connectivity Indoors & Out
  • SYSTIMAX Category 6A for Digital Learning
  • eSports Ready Network

And don't leave without learning about the RUCKUS Funding Program, a grant program that offers step-by-step guidance to help applicants understand the opportunities, envision the future, apply for and secure public funding and complete projects successfully.
Learn more about how stimulus funds support broadband access for remote work, education and other needs  

Featured solutions

Open IoT Platform & Smart Campus Solutions

The RUCKUS IoT Suite simplifies the creation of IoT access networks through the reuse of LAN and WLAN infrastructure, thus accelerating deployments, reducing cost, and increasing the benefits from IoT solutions.

AI-Enabled Converged Management & Assurance

RUCKUS Analytics from CommScope is a cloud service for network analytics and assurance – powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), it helps you get the most from your RUCKUS network.

High-Speed Wi-Fi & 5G Connectivity Indoors & Out

Delivering great Wi-Fi performance is hard, and it’s only getting harder. Wi-Fi 6 raises the bar on performance and capacity for mobile users, IoT devices, and latency-sensitive applications.


CommScope’s premier copper and fiber structured cabling solution, SYSTIMAX®, provides the combination of power and high-bandwidth data connectivity and the flexibility to support advanced capabilities as you move to the ceiling.

eSports Ready Network

eSports can help your college attract and retain students by showing you have a state-of-the-art digital campus. With hundreds of millions spent on eSports sponsorships and events, it can even generate revenues.

Presentation Speaker

8:00am – 8:45am
Ballroom A11

When the District Becomes a Service Provider

Erik Heinrich


As students increasingly use the internet for classroom sessions and homework, school districts have seen a digital divide between students with in-home Wi-Fi and students without it. Many schools distribute Chromebooks in an effort to level the playing field, but that still leaves the issue of wireless internet access.

In this presentation, the speaker will lay out strategies for supporting underserved students with community-based internet access.

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Plugging into the internet – what’s needed for students at home
  • Approaches to serving access to students in need
  • Solutions to consider for providing access
  • Leveraging universal access with new educational programs

10:00am – 10:45am
Meeting Room 8

Resolving the Divide Between Campus IT and OT Networks

Rich Nedwich


Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have always been viewed as separate domains, but with the advent of IP-fed sensors and controllers for HVAC, lighting, irrigation and other applications, both IT and OT are recognizing that access points are not just for student/teacher connections anymore.

In this presentation, the speaker will discuss the need for and steps to formulating an IoT strategy that enables IT departments to efficiently roll-out and scale-up deployments based on desired outcomes, demand, budget, and emerging technology, in collaboration with OT department peers.

3:00pm – 3:45pm
Ballroom A3

Preparing for the Next Generation of Digital Education

Ryan Green

Tim Joyce, Systems Specialist, Novato Unified School District


Novato Schools used the COVID hiatus as an opportunity to upgrade its Wi-Fi network to prepare for 7600 returning students and 800 staff, and to enable a much greater digital curriculum than they’d had in the past.
In this presentation, the speaker will discuss the state of Novato Schools’ Wi-Fi systems before COVID, how the district developed a plan to revamp its network, how the deployment went and its plans for future applications on the network.

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Novato Schools overview
  • Legacy Wi-Fi network challenges
  • Planning for a new network
  • Deployment
  • Current and future applications


Erik Heinrich Education Business Development Commscope
Richard Nedwich Speaker Senior Director of Education WW Commscope
Ryan Green Director of Technology
Tim Joyce Systems Specialist Novato Unified School District