Digital Divide Summit 2021

Category: Virtual Event
Region: NAR
December 13 - December 16, 2021

Fierce Telecom presents a FREE virtual event that will focus on how the Digital Divide has become an issue of public debate, as we move to an evermore connected world, those outside of it are inevitably left behind or at a severe disadvantage. Basic services such as healthcare, learning, banking or commerce to name a few, become unreachable to those unable to connect. Whilst much of the discourse around the digital divide focuses on access, providing affordable connectivity is also a challenge. Bridging the digital divide will not be a purely public policy-led effort, private enterprise must also take a step forward and explore the options available to deliver connectivity for all.

Join us to find out how you too can play a role in keeping everyone connected and engaged in this digital revolution!

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Dec 13, 2021
2:00pm – 3:15pm ET

Brownfield Deployments & Upgrades – Working with Municipalities to Deliver Affordable Services

Bill Lee, VP of Sales

Broadband access in urban areas is seen not only as a fundamental service for citizens to access education, information and countless other services, but also as a lifeline to manage and update critical utility services. As more funding becomes available, there will be a need for partnerships in delivering projects across different cities, towns and municipalities, each with different objectives, purpose and budget.

How can the telco industry partner with public entities to deliver affordable access to digital services? What are some key use cases for connected city and infrastructure services that cities will look to deploy in partnership with telcos?


Bill Lee Vice President, Global Services - Sales Strategist Leader CommScope