FETC 2022

Orlando, FL
Category: Tradeshow
Region: NAR
January 25 - January 28, 2022
Booth #1742

Don't Let Your Campus Become A Roadblock!

The National Future of Education Technology Conference is the support system for education teams. This primary education event brings together the most dynamic and innovative education leaders and professionals from around the world to share ideas, grow professionally and discover solutions to today's challenges.

Invest in a wired & wireless network that supports future-ready technologies and delivers proven performance, reliability, and scale for K-12.

Visit Booth 1742 to meet our team and discuss how you can make your networks, simpler, smarter and more reliable with:

  • AI-Enabled Converged Management & Assurance
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi & 5G Connectivity Indoors & Out
  • eSports Ready Network

And don't leave without learning about the RUCKUS Funding Program, a grant program that offers step-by-step guidance to help applicants understand the opportunities, envision the future, apply for and secure public funding and complete projects successfully. Learn more about how stimulus funds support broadband access for remote work, education and other needs.

Discover more solutions and resources on our page dedicated to primary education.

Featured solutions


RUCKUS Analytics

RUCKUS Analytics from CommScope is a cloud service for network analytics and assurance – powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), it helps you get the most from your RUCKUS network.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Delivering great Wi-Fi performance is hard, and it’s only getting harder. Wi-Fi 6 raises the bar on performance and capacity for mobile users, IoT devices, and latency-sensitive applications.

eSports Ready Network

eSports can help your college attract and retain students by showing you have a state-of-the-art digital campus. With hundreds of millions spent on eSports sponsorships and events, it can even generate revenues.

Presentation Speaker

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

9:30am – 10:50am
South 210 D

Fetch Funding with RUCKUS for STEAM and eSports Technology

Erica Perkins


For schools and other civic institutions, the COVID pandemic totally remapped communications network upgrade paths, and rewrote their schedule. School districts struggled to adapt quickly to remote learning. Even now some are still wrestling with the twin issues of boosting capabilities and stretching budgets. Federal, state and local governments rolled out new funding sources related to COVID, but there’s a lot of competition.
The presenter will cover the following topics:

  • Latest STEAM/eSports Trends
  • How the RUCKUS Funding Support Program helps schools identify, secure, and use public funding to pay for STEAM/eSports technologies and programs
  • Case studies of successful funding projects


Erica Perkins RUCKUS Public Funding Senior Program Manager Commscope