FTTH Virtual Conference 2021

Virtual Event
Category: Virtual Tradeshow
Region: EMEA
September 15 - September 16, 2021

We are looking forward to connecting with you at FTTH Virtual Conference 2021

At this virtual event, CommScope will be presenting the region’s most comprehensive portfolio of passive and active solutions for broadband network, featuring the new, agile NOVUX ecosystem, latest Wi-Fi innovations and technologies designed to enable next generations 10G broadband.

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Visit our virtual showroom where we will present a selection of our recent innovations:

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15 September 2021,
14:00 – 15:30 CET

Evolution of the PON network

Industry and consumer demand for increased bandwidth, low latency, and improved QOS is driving network evolution and challenging the way networks are being architected and deployed to meet industry needs.

Transforming existing networks to allow PON migration is a key element in the evolution process.
CommScope along with our panelists' partners will discuss techniques and philosophies on the end-to-end ecosystem and how this influences PON evolution both in the Active and Passive layers

  • Passive network:
    Coexistence / WDM technologies
    Flexibility in network elements – through design / through solutions
  • Active network:
    Disaggregation techniques

CommScope: Jose Louis Gonzales – Network Architect
Dave Keane Mirajkar – RVP, Solutions Architecture



16 September 2021,
Panel 3C - Voice of Industry II,
14:00 – 15:30 CET

The role of disruptive FTTH innovation

The COVID pandemic helped us undoubtedly see the direct correlation between GDP, healthcare, education, human communication in times of social distancing and networks connectivity. With fiber being the long-term solution to achieving ultra-high bandwidth and reliability, this talk will explore the role of disruptive innovation in advancing FFTH deployments.

Dave Kane-Mirajkar

16 September 2021,
Panel 3D,
15:30-16:30 CET

In-Home Broadband excellence

Why is In-Home broadband connectivity at the forefront of service providers’ strategy? Why is this a crucial phase following FTTH roll out and what are the current approaches being developed by Operators and their partners?

Joe Chow - Senior Vice President and Segment Leader, Home Networks


David Keane RVP, Solutions Architecture - Service Provider Sales, EMEA CommScope

Featured resources

INTRODUCING NOVUX - the first modular fiber-to-the-home ecosystem

NOVUX™, CommScope’s new-generation, complete FTTX ecosystem, is a natural evolution of today’s products and enables communications service providers to succeed in a fast-changing environment. The industry’s first modular FTTX ecosystem that spans the entire outside plant fiber network, NOVUX is engineered for simplicity and removes fiber deployment complexities.

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A Service Provider’s Guide to the Three Changes in Wi-Fi

Service providers will be able to take advantage of three changes in Wi-Fi technology over the next three years. These important technology milestones in Wi-Fi will be introduced in quick succession:

  • The availability of Wi-Fi 6 access points and clients
  • The imminent availability of 6 GHz spectrum around the world and the emerging Wi-Fi 6E devices supporting it
  • The finalization of Wi-Fi 7’s operating features

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466 x 245 NOVUX-platformPG-Uses-RuralAreas-500x281
Rising to the Rural Broadband Challenge

Openreach had the chance to visit the CommScope manufacturing site in Rhyl, Wales to have a better glimpse into where the fibre journey begins. Kevin Murphy, managing director for Fibre and Network Delivery at Openreach, blogs about how Openreach is rising to the rural broadband challenge.

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Prodigy™ small form hardened connector system

Prodigy is a small form hardened connector system for fiber terminals and cable assemblies and is the preferred choice for future-ready networks.
Prodigy is universally compatible with multiple hardened fiber connectors, making it a game-changer in plug-and-play FTTH solutions.

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