ISE Expo 2021

ICT Solutions & Education

Forth Worth, TX
Category: Tradeshow
Region: NAR
August 31 - September 02, 2021
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ISE (ICT Solutions & Education), connects network evolution professionals with innovative solutions and concise education across the rapidly changing ICT landscape. As the lines separating telephone, Internet and television companies continue to blur, ISE is the resource these providers trust to educate their network evolution professionals.

Date/Time Title / Speaker Description

9:15am – 10:15am (room TBD)

Craig Culwell,
Director, Market Development Strategy

Delivering Network Efficiency in the Access Layer

Every network is somewhat unique, depending on the situation. Not all networks can be designed with the same topology or follow the same design rules, so networks must be customized to drive efficiency in design and deployment. Network operators must take into consideration a variety of factors including geography, network services to be deployed and available network technology.

In this presentation, Craig Culwell will discuss various network topologies and technologies, along with the use cases that drive them, and will show how specific choices impact network design and deployment in certain use cases.


Craig Culwell Senior Director, Outdoor Wireless Networks, CTO, Regulatory/Analytics CommScope