Perth Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2023

Join CommScope at Perth Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2023 on 29 Jun

Perth Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2023

Perth, Australia
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Region: APAC
June 29, 2023

What’s next for data centres? Talk to CommScope at Perth Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2023 and find out!

Australia is a hotbed of digital transformation, and connectivity is essential to making business thrive. The data centre is the hub of that connectivity—linking businesses to customers and providing a safe, secure home to the new oil of commerce: data.

Data centres today are crucial to any and all digital transformation initiatives. Cloud, IoT, sustainability, energy efficiency, and servicing massive demand for bandwidth: All these are key issues for data centres today and tomorrow. At the same time, end users expect data centres to provide lower latency, higher reliability, and greater speed all the time.

The Australian data centre market is set to grow healthily in the next few years—by around 4.5 percent from 2023 to 2027, to a value of US$6 billion[1]—powered by increased mobility and the need for increased cloud, IoT and more in industries like mining, healthcare, construction and engineering. To support this data growth, the data centre must undergo constant evolution.

CommScope is a world leader in data centre technologies, and we would be delighted if you could join us at Perth Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2023 to talk about:

  • The future of data centres: What’s next?
  • CommScope data centre solutions and how they can benefit your business
  • Take a deeper dive into solutions you can deploy simply and quickly, operate reliably, and enable the agility and adaptability your data centre needs to evolve and expand as demand grows

Furthermore, CommScope Data Center Solutions manager Ashley Martin will speak on a panel session titled “Preparing your data centre for the era of connectivity” and will share insights on how to increase bandwidth, ensure greater agility, improve availability, and accelerate deployment cuts across every data centre environment.

We would love to see you in person in Perth on 29 June 2023 to discuss how CommScope can help you realise your data centre vision for tomorrow and beyond. We hope to see you there!








29 June 2023




Panel Discussion: Preparing your data center for the Era of Connectivity
Speaker: Ashley Martin

Connectivity is becoming a key requirement for a data center as the services it provides are transmitted to other data centers, to business clients and to end-consumers.  Increasingly, the expectation is of lower latency, higher reliability, and greater speed. How can a data center be prepared inside and out to transition from a focus on data storage and processing to best practice in distribution as well?




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