Realize your vision of the fiber future

As the trusted global leader in fiber connectivity, CommScope unlocks the potential of your network with three keys:

Speed    Simplicity     Savings  

These three fiber advantages can fast-forward any network into the future, regardless of whether it’s used in wireless mobility, wireline data center or commercial building applications.



Fiber Speed  

Network demands change quickly, so your network needs to adapt just as quickly. CommScope’s global manufacturing presence and network of certified deployment partners means that your network can scale up, down or sideways, quickly and economically, using our complete portfolio of fiber infrastructure solutions.
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Fiber Simplicity  

A flatter physical layer means a flatter budget curve. With the incredible bandwidth, speed and scalability of CommScope’s fiber solutions, a unified infrastructure translates into more efficient network operations—and simpler maintenance and management.
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Fiber Savings  

As a scalable solution, fiber gives you more control over CapEx spending. And in the longer term, it reduces OpEx by supporting more applications and technologies and consuming less energy. Fiber can include extra capacity for redundancy, avoiding costly downtime—and that extra headroom can be used to grow later at no extra cost.
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Brochure: Network Convergence Solutions
Fiber network convergence is the delivery of residential, business, and wireless services over a common fiber network infrastructure. Wireless networks are experiencing rapid growth – as driven by technologies like CRAN, Wi-Fi, DAS, small cells, and 5G. These deployments will require new and extensive fiber networks to meet high bandwidth, low latency performance requirements.

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White Paper: Network Modernization
Find out why FTTA architectures are a primary strategy for wireless operators who need to migrate to fiber-optic technology to support RRUs and gain cell tower capacity.

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FAQ: Top frequently asked questions about fiber
Get the answers to the top 11 most frequently asked fiber questions.

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eBook: Realize your vision of the fiber future
Learn more about CommScope’s fiber solutions, a complete connectivity ecosystem delivering speed, capacity, scale and savings.

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Infographic: CommScope fiber solutions: It's how now meets next for your network
Fiber is transforming communication networks. CommScope develops innovative fiber solutions. Customers around the world choose CommScope

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Brochure: Your network’s path to its fiber future
Fiber is transforming communication networks for three very smart reasons: it offers the ultimate in speed, simplicity and savings that wireless, enterprise and broadband networks demand.

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