FTTH Façade Solution

CommScope’s new Façade Solution technology gives you an effective alternative for deploying FTTH in applications where pleasing aesthetics are important, and underground installations are cost prohibitive or permitting is very challenging. With the ability to install the fiber cable day one and have the closure installed at the time of service, this solution helps minimize the upfront cost and defer investment.

CommScope’s complete FTTH Façade Solution brings together advanced, patented technologies and proven, high-performance standards.

Bringing agility and flexibility to FTTH deployments

The new NOVUX™ SEC closure is an optimized design for façade applications. It connects as many as eight customers and is agnostic to all connectivity technologies - splice, connector, and field-installable. Available in gray and black colors, it provides good concealment.

CommScope’s new retractable façade cable solution uses advanced cable stripping technology and innovative water-blocked cable with fiber pullback option.

Ready for the field installer workforce of the future

NOVUX SEC closure comes with an ID plate with a QR code, which allows field installers to access CommScope’s cTrak® app. With one click, cTrak® provides a wealth of product information, specifications, installation instructions and videos, schematics, and test results.

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